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  1. i feel like this park is really unplanned, like, it's all stream-of-consciousness what you build and where. i think you could do some stuff to make a lot of areas in the part look more aesthetically pleasing without much effort or any use of trainers; take "colored" brick walls for example, brick of your choice on inner side, colored glass on the other i'd work on branching the areas together as a cohesive and believable whole as well as putting some landscape and foliage variation in there to make the park feel less bare
  2. to be honest, those chain-link fences are really distracting both to the perspective of the viewer and guest: it's really uninviting and the white color fence not supported with beams looks messy and bad queue covers are alright but i think the form of them can be way better; roof's nice though, so good job on that
  3. Well hello there. What you're viewing here is coloquially known as a "thread". This concept may be foreign to the common, proletariat mind, but surely you'll get it. But hell, this isn't just any sort of thread, no. ... Oh my, what is this? This, my friends, is a screen, that of RCT2. But why stop there, because It's also NCSO. Oh wait? You wanted more? Does one mere screen not whet your insatiable appetite for RCT screenshots. I'm like your grandmother that's always trying to fatten you up, have another. And this is only the hors d'oeurve. Oh my, you're bloating up like never before. These aren't potato chips, man, this is high-calorie waygu beef. It;s quality, man. ... It seems you're stuck to your chair. Possibly these screens have intoxicated you, or it is more? I'm the RCT succubus, you know. This? This is just desserts. From NCSO with love, my dear.
  4. i know for a fact jaskydr is on ne's object database, though i'm pretty sure i've misspelled the dat name.
  5. well-planned, and a very nicely composed park, if i say so myself. rct3's taboo to me, but your structures seem to be very nice and realistically restrained. -shogo/shotguns?
  6. nice usage of the sign for the diner there; it reminds me of an ncs screen i posted of NE, sarcastically "copying" rob's dca. a good point of criticism would be to not use so many textures on a single building, as it's making your work unnecessarily messy -shogo/shotguns?
  7. damn, you're getting pretty good man. i'd suggest you just get away from those ugly tiled rooves in general as they don't fit the aesthetics of rct whatsoever, as well as redoing that foliage in the african screen, but your forms and structures are improving for sure -shogo
  8. My favorite bands/artists are Aphex Twin Bad Brains Bob Marley and the Wailers Daft Punk Digitalism Dire Straits Dr. Dre DJ Shadow Electric Light Orchestra Eric Clapton Frank Zappa Gerador Zero Hernán Cattáneo John Digweed June of 44 Justice King Crimson/Robert Fripp Led Zeppelin Mike Oldfield Miles Davis Nas Neutral Milk Hotel Nightmares on Wax Paul Oakenfold Peter Gabriel Pink FLoyd Radiohead Rush Sasha Sex Pistols Slint Six Gallery Squarepusher The Jimi Hendrix Experience Tortiose Underworld Yes
  9. christ,finish logos! also, i think nin's mind exploded.
  10. seriously, send this in to NE competitively. this seems low-mid silver quality.
  11. These would do well in a scenario enviroment, though in those you really don't want to use expensive coaster types (4d) nor helices because they are expensive.
  12. But anyways, make a more swooping switchback, I like it more.
  13. sorry about that- I'll fix it when i have acess to my computer.
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