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  1. Holiday World getting a pirate ship in 2014 is pretty shocking.
  2. I don't quite understand the point of every park having a sky screamer/windseeker type ride. But a 400 ft one should be something to check out.
  3. Six Flags Great Adventure Six Flags New England Lake Compounce Knoebels Dorney Park Seabreeze Darien Lake Martin's Fantasy Island Canada's Wonderland Marineland Waldameer Cedar Point Kennywood Hersheypark La Ronde The Great Escape Luna Park
  4. It's close between Dominator and Kraken but I might give it to Dominator.
  5. It's a toss up between Goliath at Six Flags Great America and the Gringotts ride that will be part of Harry Potter phase 2 at Universal Studios Orlando. I'm looking forward to Banshee as well but have serious doubts it will be better than Alpengeist or Raptor.
  6. Drachen Fire, Big Bad Wolf and Alpengeist I've ridden seven times in a day (on separate days however).
  7. Has anyone else seen the fireworks show they do? For the finale I don't think I've seen that many fireworks shot off at once (including Illuminations).
  8. Really not sure but my best guess is Runaway Mine Train at Six Flags Great Adventure.
  9. From New York. There are some small parks nearby (Luna Park, Rye Playland) but I consider my home park Six Flags Great Adventure.
  10. Runaway Mine Train at Six Flags Great Adventure. It's one of the better mine trains out there too. If you ride in the back you actually get a little air on that thing.
  11. Loch Ness Monster at Busch Williamsburg. I liked it so much I immediately wanted to go on Drachen Fire after that.
  12. Pepsi Orange Streak may not be the worst ride name ever but it certainly doesn't make any sense. Pepsi isn't an orange drink and there isn't any orange coloring on the can.
  13. An ol' Arrow lift always gets to me. That B&M roar from their earlier days is fantastic. The old Premier launch sound (Flight of Fears, Chiller, etc.) is great too.
  14. This year Mantis is back. It was gone for a long time but it somehow got good again. It was actually running better than Raptor.
  15. The Big Bad Wolf takes the cake. It should still be operating. That removal is unforgivable.
  16. Thunder Road at Carowinds is fun in the front, Predator at Darien Lake isn't bad and Ghoster Coaster at Canada's Wonderland is a nice little ride.
  17. While Six Flags Great Adventure isn't my favorite park it does have some really great rides.
  18. Tough call between Dragster and Storm Runner. Two very different rides. One is more impressive (Dragster) while the other has more going on (Storm Runner). Lap bar only on Dragster might put it over the top.
  19. Unfortunately Arrow went out of business a bunch of years ago so there won't be any more. It's a shame because they were, and still are, some of the best rides ever made.
  20. #100: Boomerang at Knott's #200: Greezed Lightnin' at SF Kentucky Kingdom #300: Dahlonega Mine Train at SF Over Georgia
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