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  1. Can't comment as well on SWO, but at BGT, there is a very noticeable drop in Brazilian groups. The Argentenians are still visiting but we have gotten very, very few Brazilian groups, while we usually have tons each day. It's definitely a major part of our attendance drop.
  2. I was hoping 150 dollars should cover us for the day. Might consider bringing a little extra just to make sure she gets everything she wants. Also I will for sure eat in the park the day we are there but I will also be doing 2 full days outside of the park so I just wanna know about dinner places in the area for those evenings. However, thank you for bringing up the meal plan, I will for sure look into it. I've loved every park that offered a meal plan up to this point, so I'm sure I'll love this one too! CityWalk is filled with amazing restaurants as well. Bread Box, Cowfish, Antojitos, and Red Oven are all amazing.
  3. The lines will be smaller on weekdays, but definitely don't go expecting walk ons. Expect 15-60 minute waits for most things. Also, IMO the pizza pretzel is far superior to the Bacon Pretzel Fury. Both are still good tho.
  4. Maybe it would have helped if you called it by it's actual name ;P But seriously, ops are usually pretty good when I go. Montu and Kumba are sometimes slow, but the other rides are usually pretty quick. As for downtime, Cheetah and Falcon are Intamin, so it's not really surprising that they still go down, and Cobra is not even a month old yet, so it's gonna go down a lot.
  5. Nope. Still in soft openings with lots of bugs to still work out. The queue has a long way to go, so even though the ride has been testing, the queue house won't be suitable for the public for a long time. I don't see softs until at least late July, maybe August.
  6. Generally about 45-90 depending on time of day and how busy the park is. Sometimes it hits 120 on Saturdays or right after park opening.
  7. They usually close the lines 1-2 minutes before park closing for some reason. And no, no word on Hulk, but it definitely won't be ready for early June. Most people think it will open sometime in August based on the amount of work left for the queue.
  8. They're only bad when you're there after dark in summer when it's dead, which pretty much never happens. There's so many people at the park during summer that the mosquitoes aren't really noticeable. You may get one or two bites, but you won't be swarmed.
  9. It is, they just added a design to the top that was previously just a solid color. The sides still look the same.
  10. The ride is ready to go, but the station and queue line still need a ton of work, so I wouldn't expect it to open for a while. Maybe softs by end of May, but it's doubtful.
  11. It's not a controlled spin. They said during the media event that it wasn't. They said the spinning would be wilder if the car was more unbalanced. You just have the trains filled with 8 identically weighted dummies, so their weight distribution is identical and even, so there isn't much spinning. It will look very different once differently sized people are on the ride.
  12. There is a snake exhibit, and it will also have a story throughout the queue that takes about 45 minutes to go through, so you will be entertained for at least the last 45 minutes of the queue. It will also have projection mapping for some scenes. The park also confirmed on Twitter today that there will be an option to avoid the snake exhibit while in line if you don't do snakes. They've also said before that there will be a bailout point if you want to see the queue's story without riding, or if you want to go with your party in line but not ride.
  13. Two favorites in CityWalk for me have to be Cowfish for table service and Bread Box for quick service.
  14. They were weighted. They have yet to run a test run without the dummies in the trains.
  15. Here's the link to the video: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]Not much is shown. Kind of funny to watch the workers push it off of the track at the top. Also, later in the video, it shows the elevator lifts moving at full speed with no train on them. They can move pretty fast. So don't think that the speed they are moving at the beginning of the video is their full speed.
  16. Here's an aerial shot of the completed ride layout if that helps more
  17. A BGT spokesperson said it was closing permanently. I'm not really surprised though. Even on busy days, when CRR and SFF had over an hour wait, TW would be sitting there at 5, or its really busy, maybe 10 minute wait. It's just a really boring ride and most people just went and stood on the bridge and then left. Plus its splash is one of the weaker ones out there. It barely reaches the bridge at all.
  18. Going by the model BGT made, doesn't look like it. The rope in that attaches to the snake statue on one end and the station on the other, making it more of something they used to pull the snake statue upright than a pulley for the lift. But who knows, they may do something different and surprise us so I wouldn't count it out completely. I tried that this weekend and it was absolutely incredible. One of my favorite dishes this year.
  19. It was actually installed Saturday night/Sunday morning. Track was complete by park opening on Sunday.
  20. 1. It won't be impossible, but it might be tight. If you want to ride everything multiple times, it will be necessary, but if you do things right, you can do it, especially with they way child swap works there. More on that later. 2. Best thing would be do everything ride-wise that you can on the first evening, then do rides again in the morning and evening of the 4th, and do shows in the middle of the day when the crowds are the worst. Currently, the best plan of attack is to rope drop Cheetah Hunt, then go to Montu, then go either to SheiKra or Falcon's Fury (check the BGT app to make sure the one you choose isn't down before going to it and wasting time. If one is down, go to the other one) and then work you way around the park in the direction you chose. Now this is before Cobra's Curse has opened. Once it does, it might be best to go there first, then to Cheetah, or it might be best to do Cheetah first still and then go to Cobra on the way to Montu as the morning crowd flow might change. Once it opens, check back here to see which is the best way to do it. If you somehow kiss rope dropping Cheetah and it has a long line once you get there, skip it and come back between 2-3. That's the slowest time of day there as everyone moves on to lunch and the back of the park. Once again, check the BGT app wait times regularly. They update it about 1-2 an hour and can be a massively helpful tool. Remember that you can only see the ride wait times once your phone's GPS tells the app you are in the park, so don't expect to be able to plan before you get there 3. The price of a dining plan is about the price of two full meals there. If you expect to eat at least 2 meals, you'll at least break even, and anything on top is a bonus. Remember that you can only get an entree once per hour, but everything else is unlimited. It also only works at 5 locations, so don't expect it to work at things like snack stands. 4. 1-2 covered that, but as I said before, it's possible if you do things right. 5. Child swap works by bringing your child up to the ride attendant at the front of any ride they are too short to ride. They will issue you a card where half of your party is sent up the Quick Queue or ride exit while the other half waits out of the line somewhere with the kids. Then once the first party is done, the second half uses the same card to do the same thing. Usually, if the wait time is under 30 minutes, they'll send you up immediately. If not, they will give you a time on the card to come back to the attraction. You can return to the ride anytime after that time, so don't be worried about getting there right on time. Also, you can get cards from as many attractions at a time as you want, so you can take a lap around the park and get child swap cards, then take another lap around and ride them with minimal wait. This also means that you don't have to deal with lockers (bags can't go in line at most rides) as there will always be someone out of the line to hold them.
  21. 120ft? The ride is only 110 ft tall at its tallest point, which I'm not sure if it is the zero g roll or the cobra roll. Either way, between 100-110ft.
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