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  1. I've seen this before as well, especially the manual locking on superman. Yes, it happens regularly, and I really wish that six flags would stop hiring so many employees that have no idea what they are doing. On any given ride you can see at least 2 employees standing around doing nothing. The ops at sfog have gone to complete shit and that's one of the reasons I hardly ever go anymore.
  2. ^ yes it is. And I don't think it will be as crowded as a normal day, but I used to go on season pass holders only day every year and there was hardly anyone there but in recent years attendance has picked up a bit.
  3. Bout to get my exeggcutor, I just need 1 more damn exeggcute....
  4. Really cool how you're labeling every support and angle of the track. Look luck with the project man, the airplane came out great.
  5. ^dang, is our batman really that bad? I ride it every visit and I think it's fine.ive heard multiple people say ours is rough. Like many people have said, I think our coaster lineup is solid, but lacks a ride that is really stands out as being awesome. Park needs an RMC lol.
  6. I think that another b&m is possible and would be great but six flags hasn't bought one recently and I don't see it happening. There's no way sf would buy a dive or giga so that leaves it to a wing or floorless. But I really just don't see it happening. Do you guys think a hurricane harbor expansion is coming? Cause I hope so
  7. I hope there's a hurricane harbor additon along with justice league. It's needed
  8. Thanks man! ^ Alright, she's finally done. Here's some pics and a video trim.7ABC0137-E442-4F58-96E6-CC9C77E8E4AF.MOV
  9. Oh man, if they removed splashwater falls and used the land they're clearing now, they could build a new coaster with the station where splashwater falls is and have it go into the area next to superman, they would have sooo much room. I can dream...
  10. Bought a 2005 g35 coupe a few months ago. Only 39k miles. I love her so much.
  11. Damn those look like they could be trains or something but idk why they would be here this early.... I seriously hope this is a coaster....
  12. Not too big a loss. It's just a rang, you've ridden one you've ridden them all. It sucks you guys didn't get the new Vekoma trains though, carolina cobra is pretty tolerable with them
  13. Well now that we're talking about that kind of neutering, acrophobia at sfog comes to mind. You're pretty much suspended 200 ft in the air by your balls. Awesome ride though, it's worth the slight pain lol. Here's a old photo I found on tpr to illustrate
  14. Looks awesome as usual. good luck making that deadline, this projects been going on for years now and I can't wait to see the final result
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