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  1. I agree! Although Batman at Six Flags Mexico's new paint job is pretty sick too
  2. I am really happy that they invested in this SLC. It looks really good. Now if SFDK would invest in Kong.... but most likely not since Harley Quinn is coming.
  3. I've personally never been a fan of Blackpool's design style and aesthetic, but this ride does look like a lot of fun. Definitely going to draw in the crowds that's for sure!
  4. This ride is so sick! Its innovative, its impressive, its a game changer, it looks so much fun and the station theming looks awesome! SDC has a winner!
  5. Same thing, film-wise. Only missing the queue animatronics as I mentioned. I'm sure those are long gone. One can still dream of their return, right? That would be awesome! I found a youtube video the other day from a 1998 visit and they were filming all the animatronics. Made me really nostalgic.
  6. Found these on Instagram. Looks like Skyline has started shipping supports!
  7. Not really. There's lots of parks that have rides with only one train but have a 365 day operational year. The ride will close for a small period of time while maintenance is being performed.
  8. No news here. But how was your visit? Was Superman open? I went yesterday. Superman is still closed. I assume it's for annual routine maintenance, which lasts from 6-8 weeks. Also, The Joker has been down to one train operation since the beginning of January. The second train has been sitting on the transfer track this entire time. Not sure what's going on there. Off season I suppose.
  9. It is a coincidence. Stealth's lift hill was pointed in the other direction.
  10. I saw a response the park made to someone on Instagram that said, "No date [for re-open] has been announced yet."
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