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  1. They were assigning seats when I was there but if you asked nicely they will try to put you where you want. If anything say you will wait for the next train. It did look like if there are too many people waiting for the front the will tell you no but both times I asked for the back they let me in row 11 and 10 when they were still filling up the front of the train. Wouldn't let a single rider in the last row though
  2. And here people were worried about all their season pass privileges being taken away. I could of sworn I read somewhere May 11th would be a day as well? Anyone that can confirm? May 11th is going to be a VIP preview night from 7-10 PM for coaster clubs. I know ACE and Texas Thrill Seakers were both allowed 100 spots (I'm signed up with ACE).
  3. Back at the park today for the last day of my vacation. LR is currently running 2 trains but they have rows 8 and 9 closed off for both trains. Not sure why.
  4. Come on you know we need all the details. How many trains? Exactly how long has it been running? Has it broken down yet? How long is the line? Just kidding of course... I'm glad to hear it's running, even though I'm not there to ride it. I guess we might have to make a return trip to the park to get on this damn ride. Have fun! 2PM here now... Still running! 2 trains are going... The 2nd train stacks almost every time but it only waits a minute or 2. I'd say 3-4 minute dispatches. 3 rides so far. Front twice and back once. The pacing of the ride is just awesome. The quad-down provides a lot of airtime. IMO, I 'd place it 2nd among RMC's, nicely between NTAG and Outlaw Run.
  5. Lightning Rod is open today! Waiting in line now for my 2nd ride. Still not sure where to rank it besides saying it's up there. Great ride!
  6. I am currently here at MM and they are only running 2 trains on Tatsu but X2 is running 2 trains and they are dispatching one train before the other hits the breaks. Superman is currently closed.
  7. Does anyone know how packed the park will be this Sunday since it's Memorial Day weekend? I'm flying into town this weekend and have a free day on Sunday. Trying to figure out the best plan to get everything in and wondering if the Flash Pass is worth it. Thanks for any info!
  8. Being a fellow Houstonian, this caught me completely off guard. Opening May, 2016 TYPHOON TEXAS Press Release: A little snippet from Chron.com, The Houston area newspaper, stating WhiteWater West to be the designer of the park. http://www.chron.com/neighborhood/katy/news/article/Katy-to-open-next-large-water-park-dubbed-6456224.php Aerial View of the park. Birds Eye View from the Multi-lane racer. Wave pool and Mult-Slide Tube Complex. Lazy river, Kids complex, and The Family Tower. Kid Park with Drop Pod Tower in the Back. Full view of the entire right side. This will be a great addition to the Houston area since it will service a completely different niche than Wet'n'Wild SplashTown. I can't wait to be there for opening day, MAY 2016! Edit: http://http://typhoontexas.com/
  9. Well then, this is interesting. "The first phase of the theme park will span 71 acres and will offer one wooden rollercoaster engineered by the same company that produced the Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California, Galland said." http://impactnews.com/houston-metro/tomball-magnolia/grand-texas-developer-reveals-updated-theme-park-plans/ If this is true, I don't care if they wait until 2020, this will be awesome! Sorry I'm on my mobile.
  10. Their Facebook states "We will have a public announcement in February with updates and information." I'm sure its going to say "HERE YE HERE YE, MCDONALDS AND STARBUCKS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AS TWO FASTFOOD LOCATIONS OUTSIDE THE PARK." and that is it... In truth I'm going to guess everything gets delayed again but they might give us a layout for the water park. Oh well, at least there will be some news. Glass in half full, well 1/4, but progress guys, its progress.
  11. Are you willing to take a week long road trip and break the drive up into manageable segments? I drove from Houston to Great Adventure and it took about 24 hours total, stopped in North Carolina for the night but it's a long drive. If your kids can handle it, I'd say go, but you may want to have it broken up into shorter drives.
  12. No, I wasn't saying I wanted Shockwave to be torn out. I'm just speculating. I would either assume turning the trains around to go backwards. (Is that possible) or the go-carts are getting torn out. I highly doubt anything would occur to Shockwave as they just spent some $ fixing it because of the accident last year that had it down for several months. Also, please don't put it backwards! Am I the only person who doesn't like the trains in reverse? Only Mr. Freeze should be reversed. When it pushes you up its tower and all you want to do is fall forward, thats amazing.
  13. Just throwing my 2 cent's in. Why do we even think it would be an S&S roller coaster? If anything wouldn't it be Gerstlauer? Six Flags and Gerstlauer are buddies? Something like Dare Devil Dive would be awesome.
  14. Since no one has done this park: GRAND TEXAS 2015: Show Progress, inform us what the supposed 5 rides are. Wish List: Premier Launch like Mr. Freeze, Arrow Dynamics mine train, B&M Floorless, RMC/Intiman Woodie, kiddie coaster. 2016: BUILD THE DAMN THING AND OPEN....It's already been pushed back a year. Just open please 2017: Just stay open, make money, make people happy 2018: Expand the water park/add flat ride 2019: Texas sized Hyper that breaks all records!!! Everything's bigger in Texas right? What i'd like to just occur. 2015: Build 2016: Stay Open 2017: Stay Open 2018: Stay Open 2019: Stay Open.... Shall I continue?
  15. Any pics? How far away from the bridge is it and does it look like it's a straight shot from the bridge? There's been talk of the bridge serving as a keyhole element, though I don't know how they'll cram the Time Machine through that tiny opening. Once again, not getting Time Machine That being said, First Wing Rider in Texas? I wonder if showing a map of were the Balloon has been could prove anything?
  16. Yeah, RMC's are amazing and unique coasters right now, but just imagine in a few years when just about every park has one, they wont be unique anymore. Hmm, I never thought of that. I think they will always be amazing, and fun. Depending on design, although they will be unique to the Six Flags chain. ( Unless, they are added to most U.S. theme and amusement parks ) Although I understand where you are coming from, they aren't even close to clones. If there was a park with all 5 of the current coasters RMC has created, we'd all go crazy. They are all different IMO. Now if we had a park with 5 Batman the Rides in it, we'd all shoot ourselves. I hope you understand what i'm trying to get at. Even though they are I-Box, each ride is completely different.
  17. 1. Hasn't it been announced somewhere that these are going to Taiwan or something. I though everything was recently bought? 2. Would you really want it? We have Krypton Coaster which poops on it.
  18. Howdy Everybody, I visited SFGAm last Tuesday for the very first time and I know it seems lately that everyone who has been there for their first time have been having bad experiences, so i wanted to share mine since i honestly had a really good one. I guess it is just Hit or Miss. First off, I did splurge for the Platinum Flash Pass and it was well worth it. What they don't tell you that I didn't realize is yes you do get to use it on Goliath but only twice. SO I did that first thing and was a little mad when i got off the second time and no longer saw it on my Q-bot. If I would have known I would have saved it for my very last ride of the day. That being said Goliath was a 3 hr wait all day long so waiting 20 minutes for 2 rides instead of 6 hours was still awesome. I understand this though; I mean if it was unlimited, I wouldn't have left. 10am-9pm only riding Goliath, that's worth an entire day’s worth of pay SO let me just take a moment to say NTAG and IRAT are wonderful rides, NTAG edges IRAT due to the length IMO, but IRAT's barrel roll was my favorite inversion because of how effortlessly it feels. That being said, Holy Toledo GOLIATH IS AMAZING!!!! I mean I excepted it to be a good ride but come on, it’s amazing. I'm sure we all feel the same way about it so I don't need to break the ride down and talk about the individual part but I do want to talk about the zero-g stall. Who ever said "Hey, how about we just stop the inversion mid-way through for a second or 2," is an absolute genius. That is hands down the best element I have ever felt. I truly can't find the correct words to express the awesomeness of it. I'm so sorry guys but, IMO; it's better than Outlaw Run. Yes, nothing currently beats Outlaw's double roll at the end but all in all I like Goliath more. I've ridden both in the front and back and Goliath just wins for me. I got to agree with someone a page or 2 back. 10,000/10 is my rating. Next I would like to review Raging Bull. Ok first off I am biased, Titan at SFOT has been my number 1 sine I rode it over 10 years ago as a young fella. I seem to compare all Hypers somehow to it which really isn't fair because something like Nitro is completely different then it. I was able to ride Nitro at Great Adventure, Intimidator at Carowinds, and Goliath at SFOG last year and honestly, I just didn't find them amazing. Where I still rank Titan as a 10, IMO, these 3 ranged between a 6-8.5, Nitro was the best but really just because of its beautiful location. I honestly felt like I was let down on them and worried that all B&M Hypers were like this. Boy was I wrong. I got to ride Raging Bull and Diamondback at KI this year and both are a respective 9.5 and 9. It restored my faith in these rides. Raging bull had everything I think a hyper should have. Great first drop followed by great airtime hills and good banked turn around, then a section of low flying turns. It had airtime, forces, speed and was just great. I am one of those that prefer something like this or titan as opposed to out and back rides like Diamondback or Nitro. This was a great ride and I have to give Six Flags a push up because that was the first time I have ever seen a 3 train operation at a Six Flags theme park. When I rode Nitro last year it was only 2 trains which really surprised me. Also they weren't even letting them stack, before the train even hit the MCBR the next one was out of the station. I have read the recent horror stories at this park but I was impressed with this, maybe its the norm but being used to SFOT, I have never in 20+ visits seen all 3 going on titan. Btw I did stick my feet out and almost got them crushed because I forgot all together about the Pre-drop, lol. 9.5/10 Ok, I'm at work currently so I will only in-dept review one more ride. X-Flight was my very first wing rider. I had some expectations but really did not think it would be as good as it was. It really surprised me. Its smooth, fluid, and fun. Yes, IMO, B&M seems to no longer be throwing force in their rides in exchange for fluidity. Case in point is Banshee and the exceptions would be the Pretzel loop for flying coasters. I rode both sides and can't really confirm which I liked more for the first drop. Both were great but I think the right side was better, maybe just because I rode that in the front row. The first time I even had to pull my hands down cause I thought they would hit during the Keyhole. All in all it was a really great ride and if that's what SFOT gets in the shopping center near Batman then I will be 100% contempt, though I'd still prefer a mega looper or Dive Coaster. 9/10 Everything else: Superman: Honestly, these just don't do anything for me, thrilling for the GP but I just don't like them, I think I just don't like flying coaster in general. 6/10 V2: Fun ride, doesn't stall like the one at Dorney but whatever. Just what I thought it would be. 7/10 Batman: What can I say that hasn't been said? These are great rides; I just wish this wasn't my 8th clone. Cedar Fair puts a different inverted at their parks, why couldn't six flags? Nonetheless they are still very solid, fun rides. 7.5/10, It would be higher but once again this is my 8th clone. The Dark Knight: Had no idea what was going on, Left, Right, Left, and Right. This thing whips you around. Fun Family stuff but I wouldn't care to re ride. 6/10 Whizzer: For an old ride it runs great. Seats were comfy and all in all pretty solid. 6/10 Viper: Well I honestly am giving this a higher rating than it should just because it Reminds me of The Texas Cyclone. That being said it was still a good ride. 8.5/10 Demon: Corkscrews hurt, restraints hurt, loops were fun though and it had a good staff running it. Mixed feelings on this arrow looper. 5.5/10 Screaming Eagle: Rode both sides, was very happy that they were racing. Good ride though don't get the helix half way through because there is no way one side would ever win the race unless it left way before the other. Still for being as old as it was it was decently smooth. 7.5/10 The platinum Pass was well worth it, the park got very busy and everything was between 40 min-3 hour wait so if I didn't get it there was no way I could have ridden everything. I guess I got pretty lucky because I really don't have any quarrel about the park. Let me leave you with a couple photos I took. Thanks for reading, below is some of the pictures I took. -Hriscay X-Flight's Layout. Great Ride TAKE THE HOLE!! Can this be a new saying? Just about the most of Goliath I could get in one shot. Going Up Going Down! Turn Us Around! Lets go Upside-Down!! Perfection, Enough said! This is what Astroworld could have looked like. I know they were thinking about a Hyper. Beautiful Sunset for a Wonderful day.
  19. Personally, I go left every time to ride NTG before it gets crowded and then hit Titan, but that's simply because I love those rides and have been there enough where I don't need to always hit pandemonium or Judge Roy Scream. That being said, your longest lines will be most likely be pandemonium and Mr. Freeze. Judge and shockwave will be walk on and I'm sure NTG will fill up to a 45 min or so. Take this all with a grain of salt, I haven't been this year. Also can't tell you at all about the bobsleigh ride, I haven't ridden it in years. Even forgot the name. Hope that somewhat helps.
  20. Personally, I hate having to pay for inflatable donuts, but if there's a limited supply then why not charge for it? Schlitterbahn has it right, it's still first come first serve but with no additional price. Now a theme park really has no control over this but I hate when unsupervised kids find it funny to intentionally break the rules. I was at Dorney Park last summer and rode Steel Foce and a 12 year old girl and her friend in the two rows in front of me took off their seat belts and rode the entire ride standing up; well huntched up until the bars stopped them. The opps did their jobs, kids can just maneuver easily. I guess that's the parents issue though and not the theme parks. Just to say something about the re-ride policy, I find it really depends on the park and ride. You honestly shouldn't be able to just continuously ride Titan at SFOT on a hot Texas day. I did the walk around but still after the 4th ride I puked. Now on the same day I was able to ride Shockwave back to back. Just depends but I'm glad some rides do enforce it, it's needed.
  21. Are you thinking the one from Kentucky Kingdom? That one was dismantled poorly, but last I heard i though the one from Astroworld was just sitting around and waiting to be put back together like the guy above me said. Also keep in mind that Gerstlauer just recently did a full refurbishment of both Sooperdooperlooper AND Turbine, so it's completely possible for us to see a rebirth of Greezed Lightnin'. Ha inv. Ridden PSYKE UNDERGROUND, my biggest hope is they do not go the lsm way. Please restore the flywheel launch, which IMHO is what makes the shuttle's charm. Admittedly what they did in Wavre is better than nada but I would kill to have an original closer to home... Hopefully that's what you texans get Thank you, I agree 100%. It would be a shame to re-do the ride with LSM's. No matter what we've lost one schwarzkop, Viper. Lets not lose another if we have the chance to save it.
  22. I still don't understand why Houston would need two minor league teams... I still don't understand why LA or NY need two Major League Baseball Teams....
  23. It's been sitting around, waiting for someone to piece it back together. Still I count 5 coasters, a dark ride, a swing ride. AHH I see several other flat rides and also a drop tower! If this is what they are going to do, it is so much more than what I expected.
  24. Are you thinking the one from Kentucky Kingdom? That one was dismantled poorly, but last I heard i though the one from Astroworld was just sitting around and waiting to be put back together like the guy above me said.
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