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  1. Steel Vengeance is a really good coaster, but pretty tough on the thighs when you're over 6ft tall. The layout, the area it sits in and everything about it is visually stunning. Magnum XL was my favourite coaster at Cedar Point, that probably makes me crazy right?
  2. ICON is an excellent coaster and many of the BPB enthusiasts club have given their reviews of it now as well; Can we hope for more MACK goodness at the Pleasure Beach soon?
  3. Land of the Tiger at Chessington is looking fantastic, yesterday I was invited to the media event and had a good look around the area, it has a 'Busch Gardens feel' about it in places;
  4. Blackpool Pleasure Beach have released some further teaser footage of Icon as well as sharing some interviews to go with it; It's going to be the best coaster in the UK for sure.
  5. The Wicker Man Off-Ride; On-Ride; [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] It's an awesome wooden coaster, it's exactly what the UK needs to try and get the general public interested in wooden coasters again. I am going to make a bold prediction here, Thorpe Park GCI woodie in 2020, Blackpool Pleasure Beach GCI woodie in 2021.
  6. Hello everyone, Apologies if this post has been done before, I did have a little search and couldn't find anything though. So onto my question, I am organising a coaster club (UK club) trip to Toverland, Efteling & Phantasialand for October 2018, one of the questions I have been asked quite a lot is about travelling between the parks if you're a non-driver, so I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out? Personally, I am a driver and have driven to parks from the UK in Europe before, but all of the drivers on our trip have full car loads which has left me with quite a lot of people looking at getting between the three theme parks mentioned on public transport. If anyone has any tips or recommendations, it would be a massive help. Thanks!
  7. I am glad they're using the space near that stage for these new rides, it did feel like ''dead space'' and the shows were mostly a waste of time given nobody was actually going to that part of the park. Ferrari Land at PortAventura represents no value for money at all, so to see them adding new attractions is a good thing, in 2019 I hope they decide to add to their thrill ride lineup as well.
  8. Icon's construction is coming along very nicely, the airtime hill is now complete;
  9. An Icon construction update from BPB's supporters club, Pleasure Beach Experience; [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Construction is progressing at a rapid pace, Icon will probably be fully constructed by the end of January. Blackpool Pleasure Beach opens for 'Wow Weekends' on Saturday 10th February 2018 however Icon won't be open before Spring.
  10. The Big One is definitely the star attraction and its mostly the busiest ride except on very hot days, where Valhalla will be the busiest mainly due to its low capacity. Please let this not be the case! Wild Mouse is still open, no clue where you got this information from. https://www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com/rides/wild-mouse/ The Wild Mouse was closed the first week of the season but after that it has been open all season. The Wild Mouse actually opened in May, the ride required modernisation to some of its safety features which have been done now and the ride is operating daily now that we've reached the summer season. The Big One remains very popular with the GP and whilst UK enthusiasts like to call it a Monorail they are often seen running through the park to get on it at park opening time which is of course very contradictory! In all seriousness it remains very popular with the GP and BPB fans too!
  11. Great update JordyC, it's looking fantastic and I'm definitely working out when I can tie this into a road trip from the UK to Holland. It may have to wait for 2018 but I will be sure to get out there and try it at the soonest chance. I have to say this interests me a lot more than anything at Efteling.
  12. Little look over the construction site at Towers today, admittedly know very little about 'SW8' because I don't trust Towers to come up with something good and my loyalties lie with Blackpool PB, however I've said for years they need a woodie and we can only hope they won't let us down! Nemesis is still the best coaster at Towers for me despite all the additions since, everything seems a bit too family friendly at Towers for my liking and when we did get a new 'thrill coaster', I was hopeful of something more enjoyable than a coaster built only to be a world record holder.
  13. Hey everyone, Two updates from BPB in terms of the new coaster, firstly an official update from the park; [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Secondly, a fan made update from the park; [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] Many thanks
  14. Club Pleasure Beach (Experience) have been putting on a lot of stuff about the new coaster lately and out of season work. I don't know if you guys would be interested but with this being a Pleasure Beach thread I thought it's possible some people would be interested in seeing the out of season work too. The new coaster in 2018 will be a very exciting project to follow through the year for us Brits!
  15. There's no plans to change the Big Dipper and the new coaster will fit in around the existing attractions at the park, the only removal will be the Go Karts from underneath Steeplechase.
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