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  1. I'm actually planning on going to Christmas Town this weekend as well! I know everyone keeps saying how busy it's gonna be, but I still plan on having a great time! It's my first time at Christmas Town so it's gonna be a cool experience!
  2. Never really believed the talks about the contracts, but I always thought that Intamin gave Dick a punch card awhile back and said "Seven punches and you receive a free ride!" Dick loves free stuff, so he just went all in on Intamin.
  3. ^Thanks for the help! Yeah, we are going this Wednesday so hopefully it is still early enough in the summer!
  4. Love Knoebels, but that is number 2 to a home town favorite. Good ole Kennywood!
  5. Hey guys, I have 2 questions that I need help with. I'm surprising my girlfriend with a trip to Hershey this Wednesday and we have been getting pelted by rain this week in Western PA. So my questions are, how would a crowd be on a Wednesday? and what is their rain policy? I know CP's rain policy and wondering if they are similar or different.
  6. I'm from Pittsburgh and have yet to make it to the East side PA parks! I'M finally going this summer and making a trip to Hershey, Dorney, and Knoebels! I can not wait to just jump in my car and get me some Impulse!
  7. My daredevil name is The Great Bullet while my SFMM name is Mega Woodie. I'm not too fond of the second one...
  8. Arkansas - X - Coaster California - Gold Striker Colorado - Halfpipe Connecticut - Boulder Dash Florida - Montu Georgia - Goliath Illinois - Raging Bull Indiana - Voyage Massachusetts - Bizarro Missouri - Outlaw Run New Jersey - Nitro North Carolina - Vortex Ohio - Raptor Pennsylvania - Phantom's Revenge South Carolina - Afterburn Tennessee - Thunderhead Texas - The New Texas Giant Virginia - Intimidator 305
  9. I vote they just get rid of Dinosaurs Alive! and put Challenge Park on that island and rename it Challenge Island.
  10. I also recommend working at the park! Heading into my second year and want to return to Raptor!
  11. I always thought Raptor looked beautiful running down the CP midway, but the loop is just so eye-catching and iconic.
  12. I am actually really excited for the new Wicked Twister view. It seems so much less crowded there now.
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