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  1. Just to clarify before I plan on it, are all the coasters open for this last weekend ? Obviously if theres nobody there they might shut some down or if bad weather but is the expectation everyday that all are open?
  2. American Eagle's status? When we were there yesterday at around 12:30 it was chained off and the rest of the day it never opened. It looks amazing with probably 70% of the entire structure repainted.
  3. Prepare him for underwhelming: the ride, but only in the front seat. I dared the very back yesterday and I will never look at the beautiful structure again, last year was bad but this was something else.
  4. I will say this about magnum, the day after we rode it the first time I chanced 1-3 the ejector seat. It certainly felt a lot shakier the whole ride was a bit bumpy. Not to mention the airtime was more abrupt and those bunny hills were something else! I got off with just a little irritation to the thighs my mom said the ride had gone from one of her favorites to just plain not comfortable.
  5. 1st visit ever to cedar point couldn't have been better. The weather the last two days was perfect, not scenic sunshine but cloudy grey and blacks. As someone has quoted before "no visit to cedar point is complete without rain", we had 2 run ins with the points policy on water falling from the sky. Both times it fell for less than 5 minutes and all rides went down for 15 or so. Annoying but that hardly seemed to matter since the park was hardly busy, we managed to hit every adult ride in the span of 6 hours except wicked twister o well. Compared to six flags great America this parks tickets and parking costs are downright bargains. 15$ to park as opposed to 25$, tickets at least for weeks days through September were 45$ each which equals SFGAMs but it's cedar point your getting. Speaking of the park itself I'm blown away by how easy it was to park and enter the park. It may have been a calm day but parking took 5 minutes and entering the park there wasn't a metal detector to be found. Overall this park feel and ambiance we're great, employees and operations were everything there reputation said they'd be. Enough said about that now to the rides... Our 1st ride after arriving at CP around 2pm was Raptor, wait time was about 15min 3 trains as expected goes for the rest of the park except 3 rides.Rode in the middle back rows, WOW this is a perfect scaling up off batman the rides intensity with my 1st ever cobra roll thrown in for good measure. 9/10 intense and relentless all the way through not perfectly smooth but who cares? Blue Streak... In the back row this ride was absolutely awful, I understand what jack hammering is now. The ride was not what my mom needed at age 47, I couldn't fathom how it was so bad given its reputation.1/10 for the moment, I vowed to return and give it a fair shake somewhere else on the train. Corkscrew was ok,5/10 compared to Demon I'd say corkscrew is a smoother ride but only because demons corkscrew entrance is miserable. Visually its stunning paint is immaculate and walking underneath the screws in the 70s is like what gatekeeper is to most people today epic. Gemini was one of the most unexpectedly fun rides at the point. 7/10 It would've been better if it was racing but there was just no need for that kind of capacity. Regardless of that missed opportunity, it's just a fun ride through and through. Smooth but bouncy in a fun way, airtime and hand choppers o yes, and that helix is funky goodness arrow design. Magnum XL-200 the legendary hyper was completely different from expectations. 8.5/10 It was smoother than I could've imagined from those trains and track, and the airtime was comfortable and gentle for the most part. The drop was pretty dam good and those tunnels were wicked, we did sit in the back car middle row and things would be different the next day. Mean Mutha F en Streak wow it's just as the Internet foretold, a wonder to behold but to ride? Total trash. 0/10 After riding blue streak in the back I don't know what the hell I was thinking going straight for the back row on its monstrous brother. It delivered my spine crunched to perfection on a silver platter, I couldn't even enjoy the visual experience since every valley jack hammered and each hill and curve was spent fearing the other side. Maverick is in my mothers words unlike anything else, twists that I couldn't fathom came relentlessly and smoothly not a single moment was ruined. 10/10 fantastic. Cedar Creek Mine Ride like big thunder mountain I told my mom, sure if big thunder was slower, rougher and has next to no theming. 4/10 it is what it is a kids ride and not particularly comfortable one at that. Millennium Force hype train pulling into the station with a hate train coming in right behind it. 9/10 speed and power it's what the future was all about apparently, this thing hauls ass and pulls Gs and I like that. Plus it's got 3 moments of airtime besides that phenomenal 1st drop. Bonus points the station music is awesome da nana noooonooo again and again. Rougaroo, makeovers can work on steel coasters too. I've ridden one stand up before, iron wolf and I thought that wasn't bad maybe they should've left mantis alone. 8.5/10 after riding I can see that maybe standup trains would've been a bit much for that awesome layout, so twisty I thought it nearly equaled Mavericks whips at certain points. What a sweet location and paint job, just awesome Gs and maneuvers. O and 3 train operation when it was completely unnesecary both days, walkon both days. Iron Dragon i wish I could've ridden Big Bad wolf or Eagles fortress! This ride is well a snooze for the first half, then it picks up and has some fun the last half. 5/10 It was really cool to experience the concept but the ride for the most part is too take to be interesting. Top Thrill Dragster, wowsers this is one hell of an experience. From the minute the park comes into view, to the moment you see the train in front launch is all build up. 9/10 as short as it is, it's simply too insane to not give it high marks. Gatekeeper, the finale of day 1 CEdar points latest and greatest. 8.5/10 Again this felt like taking a smaller older more prototypical B&M from SFGAM and jacking it up in all the right places. I felt the wingover was a little cooler at six flags due to the midway being right beneath it. Force less? I think not all the pullouts and helixs were solid, the keyhole was also just a little less cool because it's not an aircraft control tower just a cutout through some pillar thingy. Just like top thrill though it's such a visual home run I can't help but love it, helps that I know not to let the rubber vest pull tighter learned that from Xflight real quick. Day 1 tally 13 bogys mission time 6 hours! What a day that was, my hands are tired from typing this all off my phone I'll post today's visit Info later.
  6. Well well well, the streaks pulled a complete 180 today. I rode blue streak in the last car non wheel seat and haleluyah it was great fun. I waited for front row on mean streak and bam it instantly went from awful to pretty dam fun. It is almost devoid of airtime but there's nothing like flying over and through this massive contraption. That being said 1 row out of the whole selection not sucking still means it shouldn't continue in its current form, irregardless of that fact I'm glad I experienced a Dinn monster its an experience like no other!
  7. I have to give blue streak a fair shake it's been talked up as a great ride. It has all the hall marks of being fun but the last car was just something else. Mean streak... Only because it looks so cool and it probably (hopefully) is not going to be there in its current form for much longer.
  8. My first time at cedar point was an absolute blast, we only had 6 hours to spend once we arrived at 2 pm. I'll post a full run through of the attractions, a few things I need to say now. Mean streak was the worst ride I've ever experienced, I did ride in the very back seat so I was asking for it but good god. It's older brother blue streak did its sibling proud, again backseat ride jack hammered horribly to the point of 0% enjoyment. On the other hand magnum was unbelievably smooth and fun, Gemini was also awesome for what it is. We managed every adult coaster except wicked twister, tomorrow will be for reriding favorites and giving the Streaks a second chance in the front.
  9. Was at the park today from 10:40 till 8 and boy was my first time riding goliath a chore. For starters the line when we chose to wait was halfway through the overflow queue posted wait of 2 hours seemed reasonable... So about when we entered the only covered section of the line (BS by the way) the ride operator announced hat goliath would be suffering a temporary delay in operations, to this I said ok looks like there cleaning up a protein spill of something stupid not a long delay. Then the orange train was parked on the transfer dropped down and stayed there for an hour. At the.end of which it was put back on and after 15 minutes of testing opened, and immediately back to Goliath is experiencing a temporary delay in operation. At his point we'd waited 2 hours and we were just leaving the covered switchbacks. The next hour goliath occasionaly tested and waited for who knows what. Finnaly after three hours it was time for some serious payoff. Goliath Grade flippin A, close to perfect The ride is spectacular from start to finish I was impressed at how good it was for such a short ride. But just like Batman it's such intensity and pacing that it leaves you feeling more thrilled in half the time as say Raging bulls experience. Aside from the wait I thought goliath was a fantastic addition and a worthy top tier ride. The rest of the park in order Grade equals my enjoyment nothing more Demon Grade C, and that's generous you old coot So in past visits I have always enjoyed demon with no issues, but today's back car ride showed some uncomfortability. I tottaly rode defensively and didn't receive any blows but my neck on the corkscrews felt it good qnd wrenched. Overall I'd like to see it replaced with something middle of the road entry level looper with the same theme and tunnels, I'll only ride if it has a no existent wait. X-Flight Grade A, a flight worth takeing The shorter wait then any of the other major attractions is somewhat worrying to park managment I'm sure. But this ride is great I love the pacing and all the elements felt right where they should be and the vests didn't constrict badly there's a plus American Eagle (Blue) Grade B, last best of its kind (at least at six flags parks)(le monstre doesn't count) I don't know what was going on but they raced trains consistently and it was glorious. Unfortunately the blue side was shorter and my party gravitated there so I had to tag along. Top 3 drop now in third place behind raging bull and newcomer goliath, i love me some eagle and I also found out that from entrance to air gate is 506 steps! Batman: The Ride Grade A, like a fully steel, inverting, older, goliath. Reap the whirlwind of fury in such a short order but brilliantly paced to satisfy In so little space and time. Longer wait than X-Flight shows people can still dig balls to the walls inversion fests with no gimmicks. So fast and smooth even after 22 years I found batman in the top 3 rides of the day along with Goliath and raging bull hell of a performance from the oldest B&M Loggers Run grade B-, not as fun as yankee clipper but has a nice shaded covered queue and a decent level of wetness Yankee Clipper grade B+, more wetness due to that huge spray at the bottom of the drop figuring a good soakin. Roaring Rapids Grade A-, I never have gone on this before today but since we were soaked already we thought one last water ride couldn't hurt. Boy did I not expect the soaking cold water pouring over gunwales of the raft thouroghly enjoyed. Raging Bull Grade A+, Bull is king! The new kid may have all the Buzzword features; hybrid wood construction, inversions, worlds fastest, worlds steepest and all the hooplah a ride with that pedigree has. But that can't top this thourougy enjoyable ride that was well operated and just the best. The ride was blazeing throughout both trims hit and they should've, I did feel the rattle and shimmy but it had no effect at all on me. Bull is the undefeated king of SFGAM for another decade until we get a major coaster And that's all she wrote, and quite a lot was wrote trip report writing is addictive it just flows like no other writing topic. So uhh -End Transmission- if that's not to corny.
  10. Ok so the length of american eagles entrance to air gates walk is...506 steps!
  11. ^moving away from that... A wonderful video that shows a brand spanking new american eagle with no brakes! http://abc7chicago.com/news/eyewitness-to-history-frank-mathie-rides-american-eagle-in-1981/128837/
  12. The eagle is great how it is I'd rather they make a concerted effort to improve various facets of the park experience for the 40th anniversary including repainting. However I do feel that topper track on the small helixes at least would help immensely as now there the anticlimactic slow shuffle fest to the ride.
  13. Wait hasn't predator been getting retracked for quite some time and the voyage trains cant have hurt, how is it still terrible?
  14. Another racing woodie down the wood chipper; at least american eagle is safe with Goliath fitting the hybrid spot. Up keeping attractions what's that? RIP 1979-2013 Overshadowed, overbraked, and over reprofiled. RIP 1978-2014
  15. Twister 2 sucks it's slow not faithful to the original in any good ways rough and awful. But it looks amazing with fresh paint and Denver's skyline only redeeming qualities.
  16. I can't imagine how many "protein spills" occur throughout this festival.
  17. Small observation I had from today is that batman desperately needs a power wash and paint there are sizable chunks of paint coming off and the entire track not supports looks very grimy. Also they still don't have the wheel covers on which ruins the aesthetic of the ride slightly, they were sitting in the transfer are all neat and clean.
  18. A question about parking fee avoidance, where is the nearest all day parking lot to SFGAM? This is my first year with a season pass and a car and I don't intend to submit to robbery ($25wtf) every time I visit. Thanks in advance.
  19. Now this is just unreal whats the next coaster to get wrapped american eagle of course... At least it matches the trains original colors unlike demons stride train ugh.
  20. American eagle in the last row o the last car. The exit to the tension builder (helix) you slam back to going straight only to implode even with 2 trim brakes right before and seatbelts I felt like gravity had been reversed ten fold! ...and it's trimmed!
  21. Ssssssstunning any time of the day. I really hope they put a killer light package around and in the structure
  22. This question is totally unrelated to whats been discussed recently but could someone tell me is greased lightning going to be reassembled at cliffs amusement park or have all plans to rebuild it fell through?
  23. Excalibur ValleyFair! no doubt a whopping 4 trim brakes on the first drop! a removed bunny hill of the first drop, re-profiled turn of the first turn with a different manufactures track. Even so i still loved it no lines ever its tragic really.
  24. ^That is actually a valid comment there is a Schwarzkopf looper called Magnum force (or it used to be) at flamingo land that was very similar in layout, with less loops.
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