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  1. Totally off topic but if you want to see a fantastic desktop wallpaper of demon go to this link to SFGAMZONE. http://sfgamzone.com/index.php?showtopic=2250 A little tease you'll have to go to the link to see it all
  2. So far in my coaster riding experiences its been Batman Backwards delivering my first experience of true head banging its as shitty as I've heard.
  3. Two pictures so enjoy the perversion stupidity, to just a funny comment on a paint scheme.
  4. I hope an sweet Intamin something will be put in orient expresses lot great trees a little creek a station already built needing modifications obviously but wouldn't that be something.
  5. Anybody check out the new video on the parks Facebook it has the same guy from the last on take a picture of a folder with 3 Guinness book of records papers inside implying 3 records.
  6. I think the guy was just wearing the hoodie to drive the point RMC is a coming, and the other pic tells the employees the last rides for eagle are August 26.
  7. Have you ever seen the Demon? Have you ever heard him scream? Is the Demon what he seems? Or just a bad bad dream. Your gonna finddddd your gonna findddd OUT, about the Demon......at six flags Great America.
  8. Can someone explain what was gained and lost by switching the Arrow trains off Vampire to Vekoma trains.
  9. Damn that's disappointing its such a cool location and the novelty of playing mini golf under a course is just sweet.
  10. Random question but does Anyone know if the golf course that went in vipers infield is still there?
  11. Personally my issue is the possibility of them only doing a refurb to one side. This just doesn't make sense it would either kill the popularity of the other side since its "So old and busted" or it could bring more people back to it since there's something new. I personally don't want it to be turned into a hybrids given the whole turn mega woodies into hybrids or TAER IT DOWN. There's very few big woodies that run good not to mention AE is a racer of epic proportions. It's my favorite ride in the park all in so yeah there's some bias for you but I don't care, we don't need IRON EAGLE in my opinion.
  12. Does kings island now have the most inverted rides in the world? They have Flight Deck (hopefully the bat now) Invertigo, Vekoma jr slc, and now Banshee.
  13. ^i honestly don't know the specifics of getting legal permission I doubt they'd make the "Iron Eagle" over 200 feet so there wouldn't be too much trouble with getting approval.
  14. I say enough with the hate for arrows they do there jobs at the parks filling the roles lower level looper, family mine train, star attraction for some after all these years. Basically stop the hate its really old what's it been like 20 plus years of there dominance in the eyes of everyone being taken away and thouroghly soiling there rides reputation in many people's minds as being great attractions.
  15. American eagle getting screwed with even if its a kickass renovation doesn't sit with me well for one that'll most likely kill the publics interest in the other side or bring interest just because there's something new to see. The removal of the theater is certainly a good idea to clear that dead spot, not to mention I've never seen it have a show in the last ten times I've been there. I think they'll add something to southwest territory when was the last addition Raging Bull ? A small flat? Shows?
  16. Anybody check out screamscape in the last day rumors of a bait and switch but unlike any I've seen. The rumored Bat/Banshee possible coaster instead what could be even better is a re theme of Top Gun to the bat and have the new ride be added in the old SoB spot to match the new Bat with a Banshee.
  17. 10 years since the Orient Expresses demise I hope against hope they'll finally add something to live up to the signature attraction status and put in something absolutely stellar in its location finnaly.
  18. No contest Windjammer surf racers at knotts not only did it suck and have horrible maintenance issues it replaced a very rare fun family attraction that being the Wacky Soap Box Racers.
  19. The giant land site at kings island is going to be used for a record breaking bill board (on its side obviously) visible from space advertising Cedar Points newest what have you.
  20. it'll be record breaking alright how About this a giant billboard facing up that is visible from space advertising Gatekeeper!
  21. In laymans turns maintenance is more expensive difficult and it's really not the trough it's the train design that's the real trouble I can't properly explain so I won't try.
  22. You commit such crimes as to not ride Whizzer ?? Or Demon?? Blasphemy !
  23. Looks like a lift stop on Phantoms Revenge due to sensor malfunction no injuries but another news story making parks look bad in the publics eyes ugh. http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2013/07/30/riders-stuck-on-kennywood-coaster-after-malfunction/ EDIT Pretty funny that it wrongly detected a train in the station given that kennywood NEVER seems to run two trains not speaking from personal experience just from others trip reports.
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