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  1. I think this video clearly showcases just how rough ShockWave was listen to the ride slamming into the turns and the pain of the riders. [vimeo] [/vimeo]
  2. one more video on shockwave this video is scary just listen how the train slams into the turns and its a night pov a very rare one at that [vimeo] [/vimeo]
  3. Arow Roar and Lift hill as well as the Brakes SHOCKWAVE six flags great america This isnt my video posted by Robcass100 on youtube originally.
  4. Revolutions chain lift Six flage Magic mountain
  5. Thank you for the quick response. The american eagles first drop and valley noise that is just awesome a great quot on it from rollercoaster philosophy website "However, there was a strong vibration, unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced: an extremely fine but aggressive vibration, like we’re sitting in a vibra-massage chair set on high. It doesn’t jostle us around, it just rattles our nerves while our center of gravity moves smoothly forward like we’re on Raging Bull. It also rattles my nerves thinking about how ridiculously fast we must be going to get this sort of sensation." only video i could hear it
  6. THAT sound of an intamin train going 120+ on Top thrill dragster also the rumble of the engine and the screech of the tires sound effects Ps how do you post videos directly to the forums?
  7. Dragon Mountain at marineland maybe a crap park but a great coaster.
  8. Not nessasarly cool but funny the glacial turn on grizzly with squekey wheels.
  9. The shockwave GASM were both just such beutiful photogenic monsters tiny loops way up in the air, the orient express interlocking loops why hasnt this been duplicated in an intamin or BaM! sweet layout too. Any shwarzkopf shuttle loops especially the tidal waves/Greased lightnings at Great americas both ended up together at kentucky kingdom were it rusts away.
  10. The only ride of this type ive personaly experienced X-Flight at SFGAM is great the most comparable coaster i can say ive ridden is Superman ultimate flight also at SFGAM which has essentialy the same gimmick, flying however it handles very differently on ride. Another fun quirk while riding the people in front of me had their pockets emptied, not by the parking fee of 20 dollars! but by the rides heartline spins sent change, keys, and wallets fling of ride everywhere.The whole experience is really fun and the forces were good not batman or supermans pretzel loop but great and unique elements.
  11. Fantastic footage and photos, one question directed to those who filmed this how is it meeting up with the other 15 or so channels that immediatley posted footage from this event? Was there a battle for the front seat among the various coaster filming youtubers?
  12. This comes from the comment section of a video on batman the ride at six flags saint louis from 1995 "Cedar Point has solely the best roller coaster! Six Flags is mostly average.We have a Superman roller coaster here.I think its different than yours."
  13. The Very long barrel roll/keyhole element on X-Flight. Makes just about everyone flinch and duck there head and pull legs up into there chest.
  14. All very possible but I mean after what 15 or so years of market dominance with no real improvement to there designs besides new ride elements using the same corkscrew cars. Yea the suspended coaster was proliferated by arrow and the first hypercoasters you would think some evolution would take place.
  15. If that's true then how come it took until tennese tornado for arrow to figure out variable loop sizes overbankong and somewhat smooth transitions, to me it seems they didn't evolve as they went along just kept making the same designs never improving on what they had until it was to late.
  16. Something about the Mega Arrows just looks perfect great color schemes amazing ride, with no brakes and a smoother experience these would still be world beaters.
  17. Hello ive been to KI once and found Vortex on that day to be having a ten to fiteen minute wait all day and giving (IMO) pretty spectacular rides at least for someone used to Demon at SFGAM.Im asking anyone who goes to Kings Island frequently give a honest no BS assement on the popularity,maintenace state, and its importance/place in the park of Vortex.
  18. Adding to shockwave rumors the wheel separation incident and the unconfirmed axle breaking on the lift during testing.
  19. The classic general public Bull$hit that X ride was melted down to make Y rollercoaster, most recent example being iron wolf into X-Flight.
  20. That Six Flags Great America is the "cleanest theme park in the world" I mean there are signs saying it everywhere it must be true...
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