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  1. I went to alton towers today for a school trip and was reasonably quiet. But what i found most interesting there was that part of the audio in oblivion's station seemed to be cut. The line " Welcome to eternal darkness" was not said and i found that rather odd. I have suspicion that it was because of the recent incident but only it was unusual to cut one line out.
  2. It seems like all these "accidents" if ever they were one are all just bad timing. If the crash on the smiler wouldn't of happened, neither the air, sonic spinball or monorail incidents would be put into the news.
  3. I went to alton towers last sunday and the atmosphere was rather gloomy. But what i most noted was the amount of people there. Bearing in mind its a sunday in june, i was expecting big queues but the park seemed quite vacant. It felt like the march crowd as there were not a lot of people. The biggest ride time was thirteen with only 25 mins. The terrible accident at the park as had a massive impact on the amount of customes coming to towers.
  4. If H&S have seized the operation manuals for the smiler. What would they be looking for in it?
  5. The BBC news just showed an airel shot with the two cars now separated and it looked the front car's bar had concaved into a v shape which seemed to go quite far in.
  6. I've been looking through alton towers facebook page and unfortunately more people are worried about whether the park will be open soon or if a voucher can be used than the well being of the people in the crash.There still are overwhelming replys praising the park for how they are dealing with the situation but i feel rather angry about the people caring more about when the park will reopen. And yes, it may be the only time they can come to the park but after such a tragic accident, i wished that the GP could of responded better.
  7. I've just seen an article in a local newspaper and surprise surprise, there is a petition for the ride to be shut down.
  8. The train does slowly rollback if the lift stops, it doesnt stay in place.
  9. It's a shame that the smiler has suffered through the first two years. With delays on opening, vallying when it just opened and the whole nut falling off the track fiasco. All of these incidents has caused it to be less trusted. This is also never helped by the GP, who will mostly overreact to this incident. The crash is an unfortunate event and may ruin Alton Towers reputation for what is a great park. My thoughts go to the 4 casualties and wish they have a full recovery.
  10. Probably not. It would be cool if they would. But with no real age restrictions proposed, it would be unlikely. I just hope that it will not be a knock off and be nothing like the amazing show.
  11. I do like fast passes. I think that if you want to not queue for a grand spanking new ride in blistering heat for hours, dehydrated and ready to collapse from the sheer waiting. My only problem with fast passes is that too many people use it. When in line for The Smiler (a great ride apart from the violent head banging that occurs (I prefer nemesis though ( oh cool, brackets inside brackets))) or any other popular roller coaster/attraction, the fast pass line is long normally creating longer queueing times. I really enjoy fast passes but when actually getting one you usually end up queueing for the ride because everyone else have the same idea. The whole park and your mum are in a line which should allow you to reduce ride times significantly and get on quicker but instead left waiting for something you shouldn't be waiting for. I don't inparticularly use them often as the park I go to frequently is just a stones throw from my house so i don't have the need to use it. If I ride has a high waiting time then I don't go on it. But when I see fast pass lines they are extortionate. As I have stated before, everyone and the president are lining up in fast pass lines frustrated due to the false hope of just gallivanting onto the ride. I just think that there should be limits for how many people use fast passes on either a hourly basis or daily one. This will in theory reduce wait times for the the regular line and people spending their dosh on even more tickets to cut queues and ACTUALLY CUT QUEUES instead of waiting again. God that was exhausting.
  12. Oblivion at Alton Towers has a pretty good dispatch with 1,600 rph ( I think) despite not haveing a high capacity. But the stacking is horrendous,
  13. Nemesis at Alton Towers. BUT only when I have rode it numerous times in a row.
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