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  1. I should be headed to the park Thursday 24 and Friday 25, with Haunt happening what are the chances of having a decent first visit. Any advice appreciated.
  2. The Wildwood Grove page on Dollywood’s website has a construction cam. It records a small time lapse and refreshes sometime around noon each day. The tree is getting its branches and greenery.
  3. ^^ They are gone, my boyfriend actually pointed it out or else I never would have noticed. Didn’t think I had seen anything about their removal either.
  4. I feel like Mystery Mine rarely operates smoothly at the season opening. I saw it testing on Friday. It definitely wasn't temperature related though.
  5. Looks like thunderhead is getting some first drop love, via the webcam.
  6. I agree, i don't think this was at fault of the ride, more so the people on it. Ive been grouped with people I don't know, they throw their hands up, "rock" it, etc... The GP are to Blame for a lot.
  7. I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much, Pete recently said they are aiming for a May opening.
  8. I’ve seen many people state the supports are blue, I’m assuming they are referring to the pieces for Mad Mockingbird.
  9. Looks like not only track but other ride parts have arrived. We have track!
  10. Not at all what I would have guessed. It almost sounds like a rename for Timber Canyon. (I realize it isn’t.) Back to the new train crossing, do we think this may become backstage area or do we really think we are that close to expanding that far back.
  11. ^^ I was there, reported it on the last page, it is true. Also until yesterday morning Lightning Rod was listed as the ERT for this event and was changed the morning of. Unless they get the issue worked out I would assume they won’t change it unless they have to.
  12. Jenna, this weekend is the 10th annual Thrills in the Hills event, they scheduled ERT for Lightning Rod last night and changed it last minute. The ride today is still closed, during a maintenance tour today, they told us the issue has been turned over to RMC as it’s still under warranty. That’s pretty much all they wanted to say. Good news for you though, media day is the 3rd so Dolly will be at the park for the announcement.
  13. ERT has been changed to Wild Eagle, so Lightning rod is hopefully getting the love it needs. Side Note: The Park just dropped a seed on social media.
  14. The trunks are like the hoods, the details are less 3D and more of a graphic.
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