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  1. It took 40 years for Seattle to get light rail. Orlando has that record beat for their rail based (including maglev) transportation right?
  2. It is when there are long periods of no rides closed when it is time to worry about quality going down.
  3. Do any of the towers have that awesome starfield converging and becoming the door seam effect like the Orlando one does? Cause that effect gives me chills every single time.
  4. When No Limits 2 is released on Steam, I will get the pro version in a heartbeat.
  5. Man I would have loved a 52 height requirement as a little kid. I remember for a year or two at Six Flags Great America, I was a little under 54 inches and so I was always super disappointed I could not ride Batman, Shock Wave, and Iron Wolf. I did manage to get a ride on Shock Wave by getting in the car before I could get measured but I didn't return to that park for like four or 5 years. There will be some very happy kids who will be able to ride Banshee. I should also note that when I did go to King's Island a few years later, I had hit a growth spirt so it was a huge relief being able to ride King Kobra. It was a paintful ride but worth it. I really need to go back to Kings Island now. The park seemed to have had gone downhill since my visit in 1998 but it is nice to see the park finally getting some love. Matt Ouimet seems to be doing a great job.
  6. I always wondered what was in that park whenever I drove past it. Now I am happy I never need to go.
  7. Twisted Sisters at Kentuky Kingdom Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great America X:Flight at Six Flags Great America Mission Space at Epcot Tim Curry version of Alien Encounter at Magic Kingdom (Though I think the Phil Hartman version opened the year prior.) Blizzard Beach The Mummy at Universal Orlando Little Mermaid at Magic Kingdom I dunno. If it were to be any more it probably would be at Disneyworld.
  8. Does No Limits 2 support multiple UVs and material IDs? Because then you could sculpt the mountain in zbrush and bake on to multiple sheets.
  9. Steel: Steel Phantom I've been on actually taller coasters but its 228 foot drop beat out Raging Bull and Magnum which are the only other coasters I've been on taller than 200 feet. Wood: Mean Streak
  10. When I went in 1998 you still had to cross the railroad tracks to get to the line for Mantis.
  11. When Atari went through bankruptcy protection a few years ago they probably brought on a bunch of game dev "gurus" who believed that the only future in the game industry were social games for the iphone.
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