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  1. I think Ill have a boyfriend soon!!! it will be my first boyfriend actually
  2. Hey hello TPR Comunnity, a friend of mine called Rowland just entered a national Photography competition here in Mexico to win the chance to exponse on a media simposium. I would be nice if you could enter this page http://www.mazatlaninteractivo.com.mx/sif/2010/concurso/serieFotografica.php?id=188 to see his pics and vote for him, I know that if everyone votes for him we could make him win! Please help me get him to expose. Many many thnks to you all!!! JOEL PS: you can vote daily
  3. that show is AWESOME! I know its only water, color, music and fire... but thats all Disney needs to make an absolute charming and powerful show. I think this will become my new favorite disney show, and I think it beats Fantasmic, ar least for me. Im absolutely sure that if I get to see this live will take tears out of me. BRAVO Disney, you did it awesome again!
  4. that video is amazing! i mean those fountains are so technological and the colors so brigth!
  5. theres a deer on my roof top, its blue so it doesnt fly, green ones does
  6. OMG I absolutely love it! even Mickeys outfit its like young and fresh! very very nice
  7. I did the 15000 feet tandem once in Titusville Florida back in 2008, its the most thrilling and fun experience in my life!!!! and i so want to do it again. when you doit, if you can, pay for pics and video, totally worth it! thats me in green
  8. AMAZING!!! truly a great nigth show for this park. Very Disney, Very fresh. I think its a score for this park in this moment.
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