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  1. I think Ill have a boyfriend soon!!! it will be my first boyfriend actually
  2. Hey hello TPR Comunnity, a friend of mine called Rowland just entered a national Photography competition here in Mexico to win the chance to exponse on a media simposium. I would be nice if you could enter this page http://www.mazatlaninteractivo.com.mx/sif/2010/concurso/serieFotografica.php?id=188 to see his pics and vote for him, I know that if everyone votes for him we could make him win! Please help me get him to expose. Many many thnks to you all!!! JOEL PS: you can vote daily
  3. that show is AWESOME! I know its only water, color, music and fire... but thats all Disney needs to make an absolute charming and powerful show. I think this will become my new favorite disney show, and I think it beats Fantasmic, ar least for me. Im absolutely sure that if I get to see this live will take tears out of me. BRAVO Disney, you did it awesome again!
  4. that video is amazing! i mean those fountains are so technological and the colors so brigth!
  5. theres a deer on my roof top, its blue so it doesnt fly, green ones does
  6. OMG I absolutely love it! even Mickeys outfit its like young and fresh! very very nice
  7. I did the 15000 feet tandem once in Titusville Florida back in 2008, its the most thrilling and fun experience in my life!!!! and i so want to do it again. when you doit, if you can, pay for pics and video, totally worth it! thats me in green
  8. AMAZING!!! truly a great nigth show for this park. Very Disney, Very fresh. I think its a score for this park in this moment.
  9. Gay marriage and adoption for gay couples just got approved in Mexico City. Im still trying to figure out how I feel about it.
  10. LOL 25°C thats our december average temperature and we almost freezing to death LOL I guess all those Britains that complaint wont be visiting Mexico any time soon.
  11. wow thats such and awesome and crazy flat ride!!!! I would love to roll and roll and roll on one of those
  12. OMG Adam looks so funny and tiny in that picture!!!! The seats look soo big compared to him LOL
  13. Heres a pic of me and some friends at work. Faride, Erika and Joel
  14. ^ the worm goes with the Mezcal (wich is another kind of alcohol) not with the Tequila. Ok so here I go with my inside info. As you probably remember I used to work for the San Angel Inn restaurant (wich is the one inside the pavillion, and the owners of the Cantina, and all the food services on the Coronado resort). Well I arrived to work there on June 07 and we started to get the rumors about the renovation around august. Then around November 07 myself and another 3 friends got asked if we wanted to do some extra hours helping them in a presentation at Coronado´s Rix Lounge. We said yes and we went there. To our surprise the presentation was about the renovation. Jim Mcphe (former Epcots vicepresident) was there, and a lot of Imaginers and disney people. So we got to se the blue prints for the new cantina. The cantina was going to be demolish and a bigger new was was going to extended into the lagoon. It was going to cover that little pebble beach thats now there. It was going to be an open kitchen quick service restaurant, with huge windows for indoor viewing of Illuminations. The San Angel Inn was going to be taken to a gourmet level. With more elaborated food. Now the Tequila bar was also in the plans. Its going to be decorated as an old Tequila factory, with the tequila barrels, leather furniture, and Tequila experts to show you all about that drink. Those where the original plans. I now know that the Cantina renovation got cancelled, I presume bad economy, maybe in the future. I wish all the plans can be realized cause its going to give the pavillion a new and fresh look to it. If you have any questions ill be glad to respond Joel
  15. Sheikra front row. And Mission Space cause i do get a little dizzy
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