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  1. Wow with this and Nigoland's new gyro drop, France really has a good variety of drop towers lol.
  2. The train also rattles like hell and it's more noticeable the further back you sit.
  3. Turns out you can get the amazing soundtrack at the park itself. I really, really want to get this CD as IMAscore's music is always brilliant and the music they made for Klugheim is my favorite. [twitter] [/twitter]
  4. IMAscore have confirmed that the Klugheim soundtrack will be available in a CD at the park! I really want to hear the whole thing, just based on what I've heard so far it seems like this is IMAscore's best work along with the awesome Helix music.
  5. Was at the park today and rode Wicked Cyclone 10 times as it was walk on for pretty much the entire day. The vibrations from last year are non existent now and the ride's loud roar is also gone. It's running faster than last year, but the orange train is definitely slower than the blue.
  6. I seriously thought that last one was a real photo of the ride. Amazing job on this!
  7. The gold is confirmed to be going to Hot Go Park in China.
  8. Moonsault Scramble was actually built by Meisho, not Vekoma.
  9. Remember not to skip the boomerang, it is actually very smooth and not painful at all.
  10. Outlaw Run is my number 3 wooden coaster, behind El Toro as number 2 and BD as number 1. Outlaw Run is a great ride, the short length is what causes it to rank below El Toro.
  11. I love how loose the restraints are. It really amplifies the great amount of airtime that the ride already has. Boulde Dash also has great laterals that El Toro can't even compete with.
  12. I thought the same thing. However the lift hills are on opposite sides. For some reason Vekoma aren't cloning lots of their family boomerang coasters. It seems the King of Klone has stopped? Velociraptor has the lift hill and spike at opposite sides and practically the same layout. Since concept art is never 100% accurate it seems very likely that it could be a clone of that ride.
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