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  1. I was wondering if anyone has ever ridden a coaster so tall as to drop through some low lying clouds? Maybe Kingda Ka or something and if anyone has, what did it feel like? Is it cold up there? haha
  2. Sorry if I didn't clear up the whole 30 sec thing The idea is that pretty much every ride imaginable drops you after roughly 5 sec. This one would last longer to create suspense and anticipation. You would feel bored, but by the time that you would think it is stuck, it catches you off guard when you are least expecting it, and delivers a real surprise, unless of course you are reading these forums lol. Being stuck on Falcons fury facing down for a few minutes is more intense than you would think
  3. I'm gonna keep this as short as possible- what if the 400 ft tall Skytower at Seaworld Orlando was converted to a drop ride? The infrastructure is there, cables to lift the car, emergency brakes (which should be strengthened for regular use) and the tower is already built. Busch and Seaworld share many things in common- 200 ft tall roller coasters (Sheikra and Mako) Inverted coasters (Montu and Manta) and classic B&Ms (Kumba and Kraken). Why not add a drop tower to that list? Seaworld Orlando always seems to make more extreme versions of BGT thrill rides ie. Flying and floorless coasters.
  4. I know what you're thinking, look I get it, how can anything possibly be more intense than Top Thrill, Millennium force, Intimidator 305, or Skyrush? I thought the same thing until I came across this video from what I believe is Turkey! Now that looks intense! What do you guys think? Am I overrating it or giving it what it's worth? Thanka for taking the time to read, all comments are appreciated
  5. I'm going to be realistic with something we might actually see sometime in the next 5 years: A flying dive coaster. Parks can't keep building taller and faster forever, but they still need to come up with something new that is intense and exciting. A 200-300ft flying dive coaster is probably the way to go, and one of these days, this idea is going to hit somebody at B&M like a rock, and that's when we're going to see it built. Also is it just me or do flying coasters magnify G-forces because of your body position to make it seem way more intense than it actually is? I've ridden Kraken and
  6. I could not help but notice the lack of innovations in the coaster space these days, it seems to be all about taking an existing coaster and making it a little bit faster, higher, or adding new trains i.e. Kingda Ka, Valravn, Rougarou. Apart from the occasional anomaly (Formula Rossa, Gatekeeper, Manta) there has not been much innovation in past years, Parks want to attract new guests, but don't do much to warrant it. That being said, here are my ideas for new coasters: A flying dive coaster- B&M makes the best flying coasters so this tops out at 300ft An inverted launch coaster- ???
  7. Recently, I visited Busch Gardens Tampa over the weekend, as I live 30 min from it, and have a season pass. I rode all the popular coasters in the park i.e. Kumba, Montu, Cheetah Hunt, and Falcons Fury no problem and enjoyed the thrill as usual. But every time I visit, I cannot shake the feeling of intense fear I have just looking at Sheikra! I have ridden all the coasters in the central Florida region in Seaworld and universal, in total, I have probably ridden all these coasters over 200 times! No other coaster I have ever ridden gives me the same amount of anxiousness as Sheikra. I'd like to
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