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  1. This is just crazy to me. I think at this point point it ceases being a water slide.
  2. The rumor about the new Hulk restraints is hard for me to believe. Seems to me that a coaster with a crazy launch like Hulk would keep OTS restraints.
  3. I haven't made it up to SFOT yet but I've heard nothing but negative things about the ride ops there. It can't be as bad as I keep hearing.
  4. My issue isn't with Maelstrom getting replaced, because lets be honest, that ride never had a long wait time... My issue is something as big as Frozen may be getting shortchanged with this ride. For instance, I see the "Let it Go" scene being much grander and more epic than what's pictured. It seems way too enclosed.. Again, just my opinion. I understand that Disney didn't expect the movie to be a huge as it is, so they're quickly trying to get ahead of it, but I just saw a much grander attraction for this IP. This also may set a record for longest wait times.
  5. I've always heard Green Lantern was rough, but Batman is the complete opposite. The restraints are some of the most comfortable ever made.
  6. If anybody thinks Universal is EVER going to come close to beating WDW in attendance, they're kidding themselves. It's never going to happen. Magic Kingdom will be the #1 most attended park on Earth for the rest of time. I just like that Universal is being aggressive with their parks. Universal putting even a small dent in Disney marketshare is a win for them. I will say however, that Hollywood Studios being higher on the list than Universal Studios is a travesty lolol
  7. Agreed. This is a huge win for Six Flags, but this was never going to be as great as a Disney/Universal attraction. All I wanted was it to be pretty close, and I think it succeeded there.
  8. I must admit I wasn't expecting this to look as good as it does. Will definitely be making the trip up to Dallas this year.
  9. Big Bad Wolf - Busch Gardens Williamsburg Not just my first Arrow, it was my very first roller coaster.
  10. Very much looking forward to Justice League reviews. If its anything even remotely close to Spiderman/Transformers, then Six Flags definitely has a hit on their hands.
  11. Got a chance to ride Batman tonight. It's extremely fun, pretty intense, and a great addition to the park, the general public is gonna eat this up and I definitely see clones coming to other parks. Its also themed very well for a Six Flags coaster. Not enough good things can be said about the restraints. They are expertly designed and by far the most comfortable I've ever used. This ride throws you around pretty good, but its so smooth that its not uncomfortable at all. Everyone raved about it and no one complained about getting sick. The only knock in my opinion is that it ends too
  12. Reviews coming out of Media Day have been great. Not sure if that's just the initial excitement talking or not though. I guess we'll find out this weekend.
  13. I think it's pretty good, just not worth the ridiculous wait times. It'll get much better when they eventually upgrade the video in both quality and film locations.
  14. ^Agreed. Just the thought of being able to race actual Mario Karts around a track makes me smile
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