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  1. That's not really true. Topper Track is lasting just fine on many rides, and is significantly easier to work with (and under) which does save on maintenance time and cost. That's what it was originally intended for, and it does that very well. Tremors is still running the original Topper Track in its most intense sections and it's still going strong.
  2. You know where Ancient Ruins, Caved In, and Pharaohs Curse were? There. Or in other words, riding up the Log Flume lift, it'll be directly to your right. Riding Tremors, it'll be just after the breaking bridge, before you reach the second section of Topper Track. Elephants doesn't need to go anywhere. Tremors is between the space this is going and Elephants anyway.
  3. It's official. Stunt Pilot RMC Raptor coming to Silverwood in 2021.
  4. Some parts for buzz bars are difficult to find, and the solenoids are nearly impossible. They take a very specific adjustment and are easy to get out of alignment during operation.
  5. For all y'all looking at flights to Spokane (GEG), welcome to my hell. There's an unfortunate lack of convenient flights in or out at reasonable times.
  6. If you're getting a 404 error trying to see your full rankings, you can click on your name in the upper right, then "Account Settings" and make your rankings public or private. Voting is also open again so you can see your rankings that way as well.
  7. I haven't been able to find any particular reason for your issue. Can you try using the spreadsheet view to make the last few changes to your ranking when you have 506+ coasters in your list?
  8. That is a very strange issue and I really can’t think of why that specific number would cause that. I’ll have to do some digging and I’ll get back to you on it.
  9. That's not currently a feature we have. You can go through the coasters you've ridden and re-mark them all pretty quickly. That'd be the easiest way right now.
  10. Someone like me who constantly is revising, proofing and correcting documents, brochures, programs, posters and online marketing for a living. Thought some others may find it amusing. sorry to be a bore *sarcasm* If we're gonna get really pedantic, and apparently we are, incline only means there is some slope. It does not imply a direction. So the shirt is grammatically correct, even if awkwardly phrased.
  11. The "smallest" number is the highest ranking. Technically it would rank -10000 higher than your 0s. I wouldn't recommend this. So yes, 0 is the best, and nothing changed.
  12. Wow. That's a lot that you're the only person to say anything about. Not that I don't believe you, just seems like there's more going on there. You may want to try the spreadsheet view instead. It won't try to change numbers based on dragging, since that seems to be where most of your frustration comes from.
  13. Hey, send me a message here or on the site with your email address and I can remove the extras for you. Or you can “unride” one and it should remove both from your ranking. Then when you mark it ridden you’ll only have one again.
  14. As far as the results are concerned, not ranking them is the same as not marking them ridden. There’s not a built in way to reset everything. If you still want to do that, probably the easiest way is to mark each coaster “unridden”, then ridden again. You should be able to do this from the ranking page or from viewing all of the coasters you’ve ridden.
  15. It could be run like the IAAPA brass ring awards, where most of the awards are broken up between several different ranges. Like Silverwood's magic show won Best Theatrical Production (annual attendance 250k-1 Million) in 2016, along with Legoland Malaysia (1M-3M), and Disneyland Paris (>3M).
  16. Well, I can complain talk about that later, but unfortunately HersheyPark also didn't impress when it came to food.
  17. I'm still regretting that decision... Definitely the worst food venue I've been to in a very long time. The only redeeming quality is that it made part of the park smell good.
  18. What I've heard (from a podcast I think) is that trains won't reliably complete the course coming from a stop on the mid course. So rather than use it as a block and potentially stop there, it simply doesn't drop a train off the lift until it knows there's somewhere for the train to go, without stopping on the mid course. Which is a perfectly reasonable solution given how fast they've been able to load and check a train, and how long that lift hill is. Especially if you don't go up it "full" speed.
  19. It's been doing that at least since sometime in July. We were at the park for three days and at least once every day it had a train stopped at the bottom of the lift with no sign of activity. But it also opened at least 2 of the 3 days we were there. At this point I wouldn't be particularly concerned about it.
  20. Pick your favorite CAD package. There’s nothing special for laying out buttons as far as I know. Plus you’ll end up with a good drawing to use as a template for cutting holes.
  21. Valravn. From the Sunrise Tour talking with one of the mechanics. The cars are so heavy that they can't be moved off site to work on them like the rest of the coasters.
  22. Sorry, but this can’t be 100% a response to a safety issue. Because if it was, the lockers that are supposed to be foolproof would be free and the lockers would be in a location that allows you to place all non-attached items into whatever storage method was available just before the train leaves, all to ensure they get used. Put up signs threatening legal action all you want, but it’s soemthing that CP is very well aware is going to make many people unhappy and that they’re likely to not follow the rules.
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