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  1. Well I guess I'm missing that by a day. I'll be at the park tomorrow (Sunday).
  2. King's Dominion 7 pm fireworks Not just Carowinds Bigger problem
  3. That's actually one of the really nice things about a cellular Apple Watch (or whichever flavor of Android smart watch). You don't have to have your phone with you but you can still send and receive calls and texts. And it's easy to keep conversations brief ("Sorry I can't really talk, I'm on my watch..."). Plus you don't have to deal with loose article policies.
  4. I have been the one person running a coaster by themselves. It's not easy, but definitely doable on an early season weekday at a park.
  5. Well Timber Terror and Tremors are both open right now, so there must not be much damage.
  6. Some people might've been open to close, others might work just a morning or evening, others still might have a split shift. Some people on the crew will need to be in earlier than others to clean/test cycle/etc, but not necessarily the entire opening shift. Same at close. Either way, to me sounds a lot more like cost saving measures than for the sake of the employee's sleep schedule. But, decisions like this aren't made lightly and generally happen for a variety of reasons. So it might've been brought up as a way to save on labor but also serves to help keep employees longer, maybe retain some who would otherwise not come back, help clear out the park sooner, etc.
  7. I can say with a great deal of confidence that that was not full speed off the lift, nor will it stay that speed. That’s the first time it’s ever gone around the track.
  8. To be fair, they already have a ride named Barnstormer that's plane themed.
  9. RMC's fiberglass is done by a local (to RMC) shop just down the road from RMC (and of course, Silverwood). It would make sense to send them directly to Silverwood and have them ready for the trains when they arrive.
  10. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but based on that drawing, the only building being built is over the storage tracks. Not the station. The station is listed as "Future Building".
  11. Well, I can't tell you what different coasters might have the most, but I can tell you that the ASTM F24 standards that cover Amusement Rides and Attractions set the maximum force in the -Z direction (out of the seat) is 1.5Gs. This is generally the number that restraint systems are designed to withstand.
  12. I think that makes it more of a wooden coaster than a wooden coaster. Because topper track is one steel rectangle bolted on top, instead of 3 steel rectangles bolted on 3 sides of the wood.
  13. That's not really true. Topper Track is lasting just fine on many rides, and is significantly easier to work with (and under) which does save on maintenance time and cost. That's what it was originally intended for, and it does that very well. Tremors is still running the original Topper Track in its most intense sections and it's still going strong.
  14. You know where Ancient Ruins, Caved In, and Pharaohs Curse were? There. Or in other words, riding up the Log Flume lift, it'll be directly to your right. Riding Tremors, it'll be just after the breaking bridge, before you reach the second section of Topper Track. Elephants doesn't need to go anywhere. Tremors is between the space this is going and Elephants anyway.
  15. It's official. Stunt Pilot RMC Raptor coming to Silverwood in 2021.
  16. Some parts for buzz bars are difficult to find, and the solenoids are nearly impossible. They take a very specific adjustment and are easy to get out of alignment during operation.
  17. For all y'all looking at flights to Spokane (GEG), welcome to my hell. There's an unfortunate lack of convenient flights in or out at reasonable times.
  18. If you're getting a 404 error trying to see your full rankings, you can click on your name in the upper right, then "Account Settings" and make your rankings public or private. Voting is also open again so you can see your rankings that way as well.
  19. I haven't been able to find any particular reason for your issue. Can you try using the spreadsheet view to make the last few changes to your ranking when you have 506+ coasters in your list?
  20. That is a very strange issue and I really can’t think of why that specific number would cause that. I’ll have to do some digging and I’ll get back to you on it.
  21. That's not currently a feature we have. You can go through the coasters you've ridden and re-mark them all pretty quickly. That'd be the easiest way right now.
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