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  1. Generally at more than 5 minutes of waiting there's something else going on (guest with a disability, bio, etc) that you might not want to highlight how long its taking. Although I'd usually not display the time at that point, instead of leaving it there not counting.
  2. That's the trick though... There WAS an indicator that it wasn't properly secured. The ride system didn't allow a dispatch because not all of the restraints had cycled from closed to open. And a second operator also looked at the situation and didn't notice or deal with the situation correctly.
  3. Hershend knows how to develop, build, and operate major attractions that don't have major population centers nearby or need to all more people from outside the immediate area. Looking at what Dollywood's recently completed and what they've got planned, Hershend has plenty of money to spend on new attractions, lodging, that sort of thing. Major expansion is expensive and risky, and Hershend is large enough to take on a lot more of that risk than a single owner. And they have a lot more experience in some of those things that Silverwood needs to do to really expand (winter/holiday events, lodging/hotels, large new areas). Could've been interesting to see what would happen.
  4. For those of you who were concerned about it, Stunt Pilot is open during Scarywood.
  5. Thanks for that link. I do really appreciate Colorado's level of detail on things like this.
  6. Small kids may not understand what they're looking at is "Scary", but (in general) they don't like loud noises, bright flashing lights, things like that. Things that haunted houses are full of. I've escorted an unfortunate number of kids (I'm talking handheld infants or even strollers) out of multiple haunts because the kid lost it inside. Really just don't do it. The kids won't like it, you won't like it, the haunters won't like it.
  7. Most parks are stripping, NDTing, and rebuilding every train, every off season.
  8. Make it quiet enough that you can't actually hear it anywhere on the attraction or in the line? I definitely didn't hear anything besides the standard Cedar Point music (and Millennium Force).
  9. Well I guess I'm missing that by a day. I'll be at the park tomorrow (Sunday).
  10. King's Dominion 7 pm fireworks Not just Carowinds Bigger problem
  11. That's actually one of the really nice things about a cellular Apple Watch (or whichever flavor of Android smart watch). You don't have to have your phone with you but you can still send and receive calls and texts. And it's easy to keep conversations brief ("Sorry I can't really talk, I'm on my watch..."). Plus you don't have to deal with loose article policies.
  12. I have been the one person running a coaster by themselves. It's not easy, but definitely doable on an early season weekday at a park.
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