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  1. Lets switch gears here! Is anyone here excited for WCB this weekend? I know everyone is excited for Knotts, but how about SFMM? Anyone? Its funny to see how different the WCB's are since I went in 2009, 2010 when everyone was going to SFMM and hardly anyone made it to Knotts. Now its totally the opposite.
  2. Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing! I like the Tom Sawyer raft with the employee that has no shoes on! At least that's what it looks like! Super themed! Again, great photos!
  3. Viper is not that bad. You just need to know how to ride it. The back is much less rough than the front, and the middle is really nice! Also make sure your in the front row of each car to have more leg and bracing room. Its still a great classic ride!
  4. Wow, I didn't see this coming but I did feel like it was inevitable. My home park for 26 years, spent 4 seasons working there. I am hoping for the best.I hope they take care of what was once a really great park to go to.
  5. Actually Deja Vu reopened around 8pm on Thursday, and has been open all day every day since. When they know they are not going to open it they put the gates up until its ready to open. I hope the rumor is wrong myself, SFMM has put a lot of time and energy to keep it the best shape of any of the former Deja's. I know a few people that would be quite pissed off that it would be taken away from them...
  6. Wow, Great pics! I really need to do a TPR trip someday! I would love to go check out all of these places in real life! (Can't afford it working at SFMM... haha!) But since you guys go, I can enjoy it here from my couch! Welcome back to Awesome Town!
  7. If I remember from last year it was about 700 people who were there. So I'd say around the same, maybe more?
  8. Looks amazing! I could see it from the old Apts, both of them going! Its so awesome to see both sides running at the same time!I can't wait to ride it myself! Great Report guys!!!
  9. All day lockers are your best bet, but the $1 lockers are good for up to 2 hours!
  10. Hey guys, I just saw that SFMM is promoting a same event on the same day as WCB? Just saw it on FB and was wondering how that is going to work? Check it out. SFMM Coaster Event or am I trippin?
  11. HOLY CRAP!!! Look too its at full speed??? Woo HOO!!!! Looks great!!!! Have not seen it go that high up in a long time!!!!
  12. Those press releases are somewhat misleading. All of the letterheads say "Vortex" on it, and it caught me the first time I looked at it and thought the same. The one you probably saw was for the Edge. The Vortex one actually does say B&M on it. Ahhh thank you for letting me see this as I did just kind of read it fast! Feel kinda stupid now but thank you. I must have read it for The Edge or White Water Falls! Oooops!
  13. Ok so in the brochure it says that Intamin is the designer of Vortex, but according to RCDB and what I always thought its a B&M (even when I worked at PGA, I could have sworn it was a B&M). Can anyone confirm this?
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