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IAAPA 2012 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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Enjoying all the IN-DEPTH coverage!


The Hades announcement is...interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Hades in its first year was amazing. Since then, not so much. I'd sort of preferred to just hear a retracking/new trains announcement, but if this change to the ride makes it enjoyable again, I'm all for it.


And that dinosaur train was badass.



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Great coverage of the show. I can't wait for the video coverage to see how the manufacturers respond to whatever random questions you choose to ask them.


I'm still undecided how I feel about Hades having a barrel roll. On one hand, it's unique, but on the other I feel that it is a bit of a gimmick. Wooden coasters have done fine for many years without inversions, so they seem somewhat unnecessary. I just hope that we don't see tons of older wooden coasters receiving inversions and a majority of new ones built with them from the start, as the novelty would quickly wear off. At least Hades will hopefully recieve some trackwork and run better with new trains as well (I haven't been on it, but everything I've heard indicates it's gotten as rough as GhostRider).

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What's the over/under on Hades 360 becoming an unridable mess? I'm giving it 6 hours.


I'm going to put more confidence in the ride than that. It's obvious from the geometry that they are looking into making it a zero g roll, which will mean minimal stress being put on the track at that point. I would assume that they might raise the minimum temperature required to run the ride in the slim case that it would stall right at the top, thus putting the full weight of a train on a place with relatively little supporting for several hours, thus weakening the structure at that point and increasing the frequency of maintenance.

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Awesome first video. I love the interviews. The S&S new stuff looks better on video.


I like how excited Joel was for the new coaster at SDC. He seemed to be very thrilled that TPR will be there next year to ride it. I was kind of hoping RMC would at least reveal something like we are doing another iron horse overhaul next year. But overall, great video and I can't wait to see more.

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I love S&S so much! The magnetic 4D, launched 4D, the free fly, the polar coaster..all incredible! Hope to see some of those in the near future..I think the magnetic 4D and the polar probably have the best shot. Just like he said the free fly is the best concept but yeah the capacity really has to be better. Between S&S and RMC I really look forward to having my brains scrambled!

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