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IAAPA 2012 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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^yeah I think that was Martin & Vleminckx


The new S&S free fly concept... is a good way to compete with the B&M wing rider craze. I never rode Tranan so I don't know if the ride experience is anything special. But It looks to incorporate the best of Suspended coaters with sensation of riding on a wing. I guess it wouldnt be impossible to inversions though unless they can control where the seats can swing freely or if they are locked throughout the course of the ride.


Outlaw Run!!!!! That's all I can say....

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Love the look of that new Air Race.


I've head for a while about an 8-arm version, and also a transportable version, but I didn't know they would do both in the same.


Also love the look of that El loco car, and the wing rider train is insane!


Polyurethane?? Love it! Lookin good!


100% steel!

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More from IAAPA 2012! Alan Schilke! Dinosaur themed Timberliners! Twister Twins! And an OMFG annoucement from the Gravity Group!



Alan Schilke of Rocky Mountain with Elissa!



Two thumbs up for Outlaw Run from TPR and Joel Manby, CEO of Herschend!



Themed Timberliner from Gravity Group.






Twister twins at the Gravity Group booth!



Hades will go upside down in 2013 thanks to Gravity Group!


Yes, that is right Hades will have a barrel roll AND Timberliners! Also, more on the S&S Free Fly concept and a Premier Rides announcement!



The Gravity Group to add a barrel roll to Hades at Mt. Olympus!



Gravity Group and the owner of Mt. Olympus, Nick Laskaris with his family.



More on the S&S Free Fly ride concept.



Multiple ride experiences possible! How many credits will Jeff Johnson count this as??



Let's take a look at the Premier Rides booth!



Premier announces a new ride!



Whitewater has a new concept called AquaPlay.



AquaCourse is a new concept from Whitewater that debuted at Splash Adventure (Alabama Adventure)



Surf Safari is the new Polin slide coming to Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas this Summer!


Keep tuning back in for more! And remember, to get live updates from the show floor, be sure to follow us on the TPR Twitter and Facebook pages!


Click HERE for page four of IAAPA 2012 coverage!




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