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  1. Fantastic report! That whole "fish extenders" thing is such a fun reminder that there are genuinely good people out there still. So awesomely Disney.
  2. Ugh, sad news all around. It will be interesting to see what becomes of that whole property.
  3. Agreed. The VR treatment makes more sense on small family coasters. (Fun) Spot on. Got to try this during the last IAAPA as well, and it was surprisingly enjoyable. No major worries about reduced capacity, added some thrill element to a ride that needed a bit more thrill, and the virtual reality/real reality synch was solid.
  4. Agreed. I like reading reports about obscure, quirky little parks. Furuvik looks like a nice one for families. Agreed as well. Such a pleasure to be introduced to parks like this; thanks!
  5. Fantastic report, and that video, wow. Can't wait to see how this all works at Magic Mountain. Three cheers to Six Flags for really pushing the VR envelope!
  6. ^^It was great to see you, too, Paul! One more big thanks to everyone at TPR, Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knotts Berry Farm for a stupendously fun weekend. Magic Mountain is getting damn close to being the best thrill ride park I've been to (can't wait for New Revolution!) and Knotts, well, Knotts is a second home. Witnessing "Carrying Jeff Tucker" was worth the entire price of admission. Can't wait for next year!
  7. Awesome report, Neil! It's so great to see BSG back up and running, and hear that it's running well. And the rest of the park looks great, too. I had no idea Treasure Hunters existed; kind of excited about that. And let's put our hands together for Madagascar and Donkey Live! Must get to this park someday.
  8. Man, these 60 fps videos are amazing. So crisp, no motion blur, it turns my monitor into a windshield. Very cool. I've never ridden Hydra and this video really makes me want to get back to Dorney some day.
  9. Great report! The coaster looks beautiful, and I FINALLY clued into why this park is called Tayto park. Po-Tayto, I like it.
  10. So much to love in these reports, so much. What the hell is up with that tiny chair lift deal?
  11. Of course there is a little random place in Japan where you can just hang out with a bunch of owls. If I die and there's a heaven and I somehow manage to get in, and it isn't at least as awesome as Japan, I'm going to complain.
  12. I go straight to my super-mega-happy place every time I read a trip report from Japan; loving all this so much. Have a great time and please keep sharing!
  13. Another fantastic set of updates, Larry, thanks again! And another standing ovation to everyone at Wild Bill's for doing all this incredible work. I can't wait to get back East and make another visit.
  14. "As for me, I say that parks needs more Premier Rides!" I could not agree more, Chuck. Great report and Tempesto is one more reason I need to get back to BGW soon.
  15. ^Doesn't matter how you decided to make the plunge, only that you did decide to do it. Have a fantastic trip (you will) and please share your impressions here! And thanks for reading!
  16. Samuel and Chuck, thank you both so much. You made my day.
  17. Yeah, it's that kind of ride, intimidating and awesome and terrifying and exhilarating all at the same time. Seconded times infinity! I'm realizing that one of the reasons I'm taking so long getting these trip reports done is that I don't want to finish doing them. It's like when they're done, the trip will be coming to an end all over again. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  18. Continuing: According to Feng Shui (I'm no expert, I just googled it), mountaintops are "power spots," and this is the Bell of Happiness at Rusutsu's Power Spot. You are to ring the Bell of Happiness for good fortune and such. I rang it and it totally worked because a few days later I was in Tokyo DisneySea and that is some good fortune, yo. A whole bunch of us spent a lot of time up here, walking around, soaking it all in. "Hi, yes, I'm still on the line... Wow. That much. Well, what if I packed myself into a pet carrier and rode in the cargo hold?" So awesome. Here's a shot
  19. Continuing: I'd begun losing my enthusiasm for stand-up coasters long before riding Six Flags Great America's Iron Wolf, but that dung heap was the last straw. (I suffered through Iron Wolf in 2011, not long before they shipped it off to Maryland, changing its colors and calling it something else, hoping we'd all simply move on and forget what Iron Wolf had done to us, but we didn't forget AND WE NEVER WILL, DAMN YOU!) Riddler's Revenge and Georgia Scorcher, they're not on my Naughty List. Yet. But the rest can sod off. Given the luck we were having throughout Japan, though, I decided
  20. Continuing: We cooled down for a bit on this little train. Smiles all around... ...except for Cary. Why is Cary sad? Because the train cars were a tight squeeze for taller guests and... ...because he knows we're going to ride the Corkscrew next. Yes, there's a real Arrow Corkscrew here, and it turns out this model was Japan's first Arrow Corkscrew, which opened in 1977 at Yatsu Yuenchi, a now-closed park in the Chiba Prefecture. It moved to Rusutsu in 1982. And it's kind of rough. But we got through it in one piece. Rusutsu's Mirror House is okay for a chuckle, nothing extraordinar
  21. Part Eight: Rusutsu Resort For kicks, I googled "Togo" recently to see what results came up. The top hit was the hoagie restaurant franchise website. Second was the West African nation's Wikipedia entry. And that's the way it went through every link on the first five pages: information on Togo, the country, or Togo's, the fast food outlets. Then there was a link to a book on Amazon about a sled dog named "Togo" (written by Robert J. Blake, a guy who hears a lot of "Killed your wife lately?" jokes, I'll bet). Did news of Togo, the defunct Japanese manufacturer of amusement attractions,
  22. The Mexico Tourism Board should use these photos in every campaign they run. Unbelievable.
  23. I'm really not much of a fan of Facebook, and very rarely use it, so if my responses are irrelevent, please ignore. 1. Do you have your videos set to auto-play on your: a. desktop computer and/or b. mobile device? (or if you don't know, just tell us if the videos auto-play or not in your newsfeed.) I don't have videos set to auto-play on either device. 2. Do you regularly "share" content from Facebook "page" (like the TPR page) to your own personal Facebook page? And have you shared something from the TPR page? I don't think I've ever shared any content of any kind on Face
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