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  1. Although defiantly not a "bust", Smiler certainly had more delays and troubles than I expected. And was rougher than I thought it would have been, for a new ride.
  2. Can someone comfirm whether it opened on the 4th or the 5th? The timezone difference is confusing me, and RCDB still says it's under construction (Bet you there, Duane ). Also, I checked the Facebook page - The 400 weight limit is per car, not per train. EDIT: Obviously, the above comment was a joke, since Duane Marden is almost always very quick (and accurate). And Robb, I know how time-zones work. You may not realize this, but when me, knoebels and this forum are all in different time zones, it can be difficult to tell what date it was when it opened.
  3. http://rcdb.com/3408.htm Pretty sure they're referring to this thing, which looks like an El Loco, but seems to be a custom screamin' squirrel. Woah! Surely that's steeper than Takabisha?
  4. I really like coloured woodies actually, Nick Streak is probably the brightest thing in Blackpool - it looks really good. ^Eww. And it's faded too.
  5. I agree with you. Not bothered about big ones where you have a dinghy, but some slides are really tiny! What if you got stuck in the middle?
  6. ^If we were counting Batman, I suppose the first defunct B&M would be Flashback at SFMM.
  7. If I remember correctly, a chunk of metal flew off Swarm.
  8. Also, the Vekoma trains are Floorless, whereas Arrow trains are much more big and bulky.
  9. I'd rather have ZacSpin and Premier launched than a Giga at Carowinds. Who said you can't have a Premier launched giga?
  10. Wow, is it just me or is this progressing much quicker than GateKeeper did last year? Still love those colours, very unique.
  11. This is really bad, especially after Hurricane Sandy. Have both Casino Pier and Funtown Pier been destroyed now?
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