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IAAPA 2012 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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I love watching these videos every year. It's an excellent way to get an overview of what is going on in the industry that isn't directly apparent at the parks. I also really like the addition of reader's questions this year, as it adds a bit of variety to what the manufacturers discuss. I'm looking forward to further installments in the near future.

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What incredible coverage! Loving all of it. The Hades announcement is very interesting! Rode it a few years ago and it was terrible, with terrible operations. I really hope they re-track it as well. Also, re-training the employees would help! I can't wait to see the other new and upcoming attractions pop up in the parks. Awesome coverage, can't wait for more!

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I'm loving the new format of the interviews!

It makes for longer interviews that are interesting and educative, instead of putting to much of the focus on "new for next year" attractions.


Seriously awesome guys, and thank you for this, and the upcoming videos!


Oh, and the new "Zac Spin" S&S looks really cool!

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Today we continue our coverage of IAAPA with tons of more photos from the show floor!


We will be updating this thread throughout the day, but if you want to follow all the action live, be sure to follow us on the TPR Twitter and Facebook pages:





Do you see it?


What better way to start the day than with some Coca-Cola products!


The Soaring Eagle zip line debuted at last year's IAAPA and has been sold to a few smaller parks including the recently revamped Splash Adventure (Alabama Adventure).


Jake made a friend on the Screaming Eagle zipline!


S&S is launching (pun intended) a new version of their space shot towers with new circular seating for increased capacity.


Maurer Sohne has retired the Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit model in favor of showing off its more recent model, Freischütz.


Ropes Courses has brought back its signature Sky Trail with a bigger and scarier layout than ever before...


Plus they've brought in a junior version of the Sky Trail for the kids to enjoy.




Did you know that Intamin worked on Mickey's Fun Wheel at Disney California Adventure?


Whitewater has a bar at their booth!


Mack is showing off a new version of their Twist 'n' Splash that would use significantly larger ride vehicles to create a spinning pirate ship water battle.


Sad day...


Waiting to get the scoop on the next big coaster to end up at Six Flags Great Adventure!


Huge examples of dark ride theming can be found throughout the show floor.


Animatronics are also a major part of the show's vendor focus.


Could this S&S concept observation tower/coaster combo end up becoming a reality?


We're in Proslide heaven right now!



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Ooooh, coaster/observation tower... Yes, that will do quite nicely.


EDIT: just started watching the video; will have to come back later to see it all, but the new, simplified 4D concept sounds pretty incredible.


AWESOME coverage all around!

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Time for more updates from IAAPA!


How about an overview of the midway?


Moser Rides brought in one of those awesome flat rides that you find at Sega Joypolis...


We approve!


Skycoastin Steve's some kind of celebrity!


Our society is quickly gravitating towards a Buy n' Large approach on life.


Chocolate chip cookie dough Dippin Dots!


Our annual visit to Connie's Pizza? Tradition fulfilled!


Greatest GCI Millennium Flyer car ever!


Remember the slide-thru-slide concept from last year's show? That's a reality now!


Anyone need some support?


Gerstlauer's tradition booth was here once again.


This may the most TPR-friendly slide concept Proslide has ever produced!


They have a junior Speed of Light game!


We found a model from the Van Helsing's Factory coaster added to Movie Park Germany last year.


Vortex amazing!


Jake seems to be enjoying his turn on Zamperla's Air Race.


You can get some amazing hang time on this ride!




The robot ice cream vendor is back this year!


Two more huge products from WhiteWater.

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Just finished watching the first video, and I must say my eyes nearly fell out of their sockets as I was in awe at how the seats of the Free Fly + 4D were being whipped around. I'm excited for more!


EDIT: Just looked at the most recent pictures, and I nearly died laughing at Proslide's "SharkTums Regurgitation TornadoWAVE"!

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^Eh, not really. It's more of a nicely themed queue for a coaster in a box. (The old pre-show was fun, though.) I guess what I mean is that I'd like to see them take this concept up a notch past Flight of Fear.

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Time for some more photos from IAAPA 2012!



Theme Park Review is back for more IAAPA 2012 coverage!



Do you think one of these will ever get built again?



Golden Horse, the Chinese ride company had their booth removed due to a law suit from Zamperla!



This is all that remains of the Golden Horse IAAPA booth.



Really like the new design of the B&M booth!



Adam checks out the Soarin' Eagle zip line.



Yes, we even got POV video of the Soarin' Eagle zip line!


Keep checking back for more updates!

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