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  1. It is likely there is at least 2 available cameras for each person in the group photo, I'm sure more will turn up in good time.
  2. I don't know if its a chain and its very possible that what i hope for & the reality are very different.
  3. Ive seen this and want one. Any suggetions to the easier ones to get to while visiting a theme park?
  4. I was very happy to see Goliath there, forgot to mention it earlier. Its a great ride.
  5. I agree with the ones I have ridden and the rest have been on my agenda for a while. What was the deciding factor in picking the Japanese mega lite over the others?
  6. Happy nerd time, the first bit of track has made it through a keyhole. www.cedarpoint.com/online-fun/webcams
  7. Given the amount of effort that must have gone into the skyline laser show, im surprised it was a mediocre end result. It was still special and made a great city even better.
  8. It's a Small World. You know exactly what your in for when you see that.
  9. While I was hoping to find a way to do WCB in the next few months the extra time helps make it more realistic so I'm happy about the twist. More time to save money and a better chance for a sale on flights to come along. Plus a few other seasonal parks in the US will still be open around this time so I could make a full trip out of it.
  10. I did find a proper sit down toilet at this place. It had a mini TV in the door!
  11. I like a lot of these terrain ideas, can it include closer proximity to objects without cheats or hacks. Realistically done though, not someone walking through a tree but if a bit of track goes close to the ground it doesn’t cut out a huge cuboid of land to make it fit. Varying heights of airtime hills would also be good.
  12. Perhaps this is more of the strange British marketing process given that I will now make a point to go there asap and get a few more rides in.
  13. Its good to hear people who answer as honnestly as they can without releasing a parks secret or too much to their competitors. I hope the best for S&S and their new and revamped ideas.
  14. For the Japan trip - How many days of Disney is on the main trip, and is the start point the same for the pre trip add on?
  15. It was deifnatly worth going trying all the food, even if it looked less than desirable. When you finally came across something special it made its own moment and a surprise dumpling made my day. I'm glad the GIB was a decent ride, it didnt feel like a filler attraction and was my highlight coaster of this park.
  16. To any company, "Do you have a favorite country to build rides in, if so why?"
  17. Lots of China - it regularly boggled the mind but there are many lifetime highlights from that trip.
  18. Theres a load of great pictures here, thanks Jason. The B&M fanboy in me is eager to get to this park, especially given your thoughts on Shambhala
  19. I'm glad you added the extra parts to Japan, still not sure what Ill choose but that made it a much stronger contender.
  20. Mine was Nemisis as well. I suppose that if you live in the UK then its likely it would be. This has long been a favorite of mine, I just have many other favorites now.
  21. It was still a terrible ride, yet easily found at any Happy Valley park.
  22. Both Starry Sky Whatever and Dinoconda are amazing rides. I'm very glad there is this great footage to show all the people who are asking what were my favorite coasters. The flyer was mostly just above grass but the horseshoe at the beginning has a great view of the hills. A great way to appricate the flying aspect before the ride picks up. The following 540 spin into a loop is possibly the best element combination I have ever been on. I like pretzel loops but this doesnt crush your chest in the way we all love or hate. On this you get a double kick of the force for a more managable about of time. Then it carries on for more swopping and weyheying. Assuming this coaster remains accessible I would definatly go back for this in a few years time and add on Shanghi Disneyland. Easily the best flyer I have been on although I havent tried its main competitors. The Dinoconda was my first 4D and I instantly loved it so much that a part of me was annoyed with myself for waiting this long. But the warm fuzzy feeling afterwards made the waiting all the more special. I have seen many pictures of the various track layouts but never fully appricated just how insane the extra dimention made the ride. The themeing was cool if a bit odd but I have no objections to a dinosour theme park wanting to install something on this scale. Thanks go to Robb for getting us on these as much as we did, and to Nick for giving up his seat on the last run of Dinoconda for another go for me.
  23. A few pictures from the Dragon Fly ride at Duinrell. This was an unexpected great ride.
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