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  1. Thanks for the updates everyone. Just saw the news come through in my twitter feed and looking it up online I was only turning up UK tabloids reporting. While useful, I don't 100% trust them for accuracy...
  2. oops. posted twice somehow. couldn't figure out how to delete the post, so you, uh, get this awkard interlude! wooooooo
  3. Nice photos, Chuck! Wildfire looks heaps crazy- and fun! Loving the whole TR.
  4. Oh! Also- on a scale of 1-10 with one being " doesn't spin at all" and 10 being " linda blair like bilious discomfort" how spinny would you rate Winja(s?) ?
  5. That place looks amazing! Nice photos, Chuck! And as always, I enjoy your commentary, too.
  6. Hey Everybody! Has anyone stayed at the cottages on property? I haven't found a whole lot of information about them- just the little Knoebel's offers on their site. Cheers, Falafel
  7. Everything looks awesome there! I love the Villains Club concept! Thanks for the trip report. Hopefully we'll make it down for that someday...
  8. Thanks for the TR! I did not think Enchanted Forest was still open, and so have not sought it out in the 5 years I've lived in Seattle! D'oh! I'm sad to hear that Lewis & Clark's Big Adventure is gone from Oaks Park, because while it was crappy, it was SO AMAZINGLY crappy that it fantastic (to me, anyhow). Did you go, or at least peek in at the roller rink? It is a really, really nice wooden floored rink, and they still have an organ that they play occasionally.
  9. I'm pretty sure I'm a terrible person as the first thing I thought was "Um, that is clearly a frozen custard stand, not an ice cream stand." Thankfully NBC seems to be able to report news correctly. pedanticness aside, that is really sad. At least the sign was spared...
  10. SWEET HOLY MOSES! I spent most of yesterday evening and some of this morning reading through this entire thread. I haven't really been around much the past 2 years so this completely blindsided me with it's awesomeness! What an amazing project and what awe-inspiring commitment to awesomeness. And what a fantastically cool job!! Thanks heaps Larry for such great reports and keeping us all updated. I can't wait to hear more!
  11. Excellent stuff, Chuck! I too am glad you survived the wrath of the shrine bees!
  12. That Twist 'n' Slide looks pretty sweet. Thanks for all the updates! I love IAAPA season!
  13. That was amazing! Thanks for doing all that work, Shane! It's gotta be tedious but I really appreciate it!
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