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  1. It is likely there is at least 2 available cameras for each person in the group photo, I'm sure more will turn up in good time.
  2. I don't know if its a chain and its very possible that what i hope for & the reality are very different.
  3. Ive seen this and want one. Any suggetions to the easier ones to get to while visiting a theme park?
  4. I was very happy to see Goliath there, forgot to mention it earlier. Its a great ride.
  5. I agree with the ones I have ridden and the rest have been on my agenda for a while. What was the deciding factor in picking the Japanese mega lite over the others?
  6. Happy nerd time, the first bit of track has made it through a keyhole. www.cedarpoint.com/online-fun/webcams
  7. Given the amount of effort that must have gone into the skyline laser show, im surprised it was a mediocre end result. It was still special and made a great city even better.
  8. It's a Small World. You know exactly what your in for when you see that.
  9. While I was hoping to find a way to do WCB in the next few months the extra time helps make it more realistic so I'm happy about the twist. More time to save money and a better chance for a sale on flights to come along. Plus a few other seasonal parks in the US will still be open around this time so I could make a full trip out of it.
  10. I did find a proper sit down toilet at this place. It had a mini TV in the door!
  11. I like a lot of these terrain ideas, can it include closer proximity to objects without cheats or hacks. Realistically done though, not someone walking through a tree but if a bit of track goes close to the ground it doesn’t cut out a huge cuboid of land to make it fit. Varying heights of airtime hills would also be good.
  12. Perhaps this is more of the strange British marketing process given that I will now make a point to go there asap and get a few more rides in.
  13. Its good to hear people who answer as honnestly as they can without releasing a parks secret or too much to their competitors. I hope the best for S&S and their new and revamped ideas.
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