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IAAPA 2012 Trade Show - TPR's Official Report!

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Now that I think about it, this is going to be the first inverting "wood" coaster since SOB that actually runs on typical wooden track, if I'm not mistaken.


I'm really glad they are going to do something that, at least temporarily, brings the ride back to it's former quality. I really hope they manage to add a second train as well.

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Yes, that is right Hades will have a barrel roll AND Timberliners! Also, more on the S&S Free Fly concept and a Premier Rides announcement!



The Gravity Group to add a barrel roll to Hades at Mt. Olympus!



Gravity Group and the owner of Mt. Olympus, Nick Laskaris with his family.



More on the S&S Free Fly ride concept.



Multiple ride experiences possible! How many credits will Jeff Johnson count this as??



Let's take a look at the Premier Rides booth!



Premier announces a new ride!



Whitewater has a new concept called AquaPlay.



AquaCourse is a new concept from Whitewater that debuted at Splash Adventure (Alabama Adventure)



Surf Safari is the new Polin slide coming to Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas this Summer!


Keep tuning back in for more! And remember, to get live updates from the show floor, be sure to follow us on the TPR Twitter and Facebook pages!




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That came out of nowhere. The first part of the press release sounds like it will do a vertical loop kind of like SOB, but it sounds like it will do a zero-g-roll similar to what Outlaw Run and Iron Rattler will be doing. 2013 does look like its panning out to be the year of the inverting wooden coaster.

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I'm just so glad that I rode Hades in its original form back in June. It seems to get a lot of bad rep amongst enthusiasts, but I for one LOVED this ride. I'm just hoping that the barrel roll (along with the new trains) will make an insanely awesome ride even more so! I have a feeling it just might.


Roll on a return visit at some point in the future.

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I think the inversion on Hades will go right after the tunnel before the turn around in the parking lot or after the turn around right before the re-entry into the tunnel.


*Correction* Mt. Olympus Facebook just released video.. The Zero G is going to be right out of the tunnel before the turn around.


So now S&S is stepping up and now have free flipping 4d coasters to compete with intamin Zach Spins. This is a great move for S&S. Compact coasters tend be the rides that get alot of sales, especially because small parks are now in the market to get a ride. Will with Originators of 4D have a better product than Intamin Zac Spins?

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The Free Flyer looks sick! Nothing from Intamin at all? It seems they have very little this year in the industry. I guess they are trying new concepts for next year. I figured they would announce a bew type of coaster or show their changes they are making to Skyrush trains/station.

P.s. The B&M Wing Train looks so cool. Imagine just having that in your bedroom.

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