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  1. Excellent TR so far! Thank you for taking time to post updates! Medusa has always looked amazing to me since seeing the videos online.
  2. Excellent TR!! I too will commend you on your humor. Totally found myself laughing at this outloud. I keep telling myself to post my own first Photo TR of my first TPR trip which was the Texas/Midwest trip this past summer but I thought it might be too late and people really wouldn't be interested, but I think you may have inspired me! Okay and also there is the fact that I'm really not sure how to go about doing it, hehe. Good job though!
  3. Loving your TR! Especially love the log flume pic of you guys! hilarious!!
  4. Yeah I was going to say, everytime I have been to Sea World in San Antonio they always have a salute to the military members in the audience. San Antonio has a big military presence with Lackland Airforce Base and Fort Sam Houston right in town. Great report! So nice to see other people's pics from the trip so I can see things from different angles.
  5. Yay! Another TR from an awesome trip! Great to meet you and Andrew!
  6. Totally excellent TR!! I loved reading about your excitement at your first visit to Japan. I hope to make my first visit with TPR in 2015. It's been a plave I've wanted to visit since I was little and watched the Gamera movies, especially with the Mystery Science Theater treatment! Cannot wait to read more on your trip!
  7. Great TR Marcel!!!! You captured all of my excitement and feelings exactly for my first trip also. Awesome photo to end it all.....with the family responsible for all this greatness....the Alvey family!!!
  8. Great pictures! Especially loved your Gryffindor Tri Wizard champion shirt!
  9. That unique flat ride was definitely fun! Weird sensation to be spinning and looking straight down at the ground below. Your TR is great Marcel! Seriously making me want to turn back time and do it all over again! Six Flags St Louis definitely had one of my best coaster memories, riding Freeze during ERT about 8 times in a row without getting off and riding with Alexis and Jared and laughing so damn hard! Seriously had never laughed that much in my life with Jared's screams and Alexis' contagious laughing.....I'm laughing right now thinking of it!
  10. I can't help but hear Antonio Banderas' voice over saying "maaaaaaas suave". LOL! Gosh this ride looks incredible!
  11. Amazing!!! Outlaw Run is seriously insane and if this thing is anything like it, which I'm sure it will be, it will be so awesome! Loving what RMC is coming out with. I would love to just sit with someone on their design team.
  12. I showed my co-workers some of the pics from City Museum and nobody understood the place. I told them I didn't understand it either and I had been there! It is just so hard to put into words how awesomely messed up that place is!
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