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  1. Did you join Team TPR? I don't see you listed on our page yet? Yes - please let me know. You currently aren't on the Team TPR team but I can move you over and that would increase your team total by $366. Feel free to reply to the email I sent yesterday and it just takes one click. Elissa, I signed up from my phone and I probably messed up but Steven, I just emailed you about getting that taken care of! Thank you for letting me know!
  2. I've signed up this year as well! Can't wait to see some familiar faces back at Kennywood this weekend! http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?px=1015285&pg=personal&fr_id=1886
  3. I've been a regular twitter user since 2008. I really like it when there are TPR events and trips and I can just quick hope to your page and look at all your tweets. I also use it to keep in contact with people, and interact with brands as well. I find it very streamlined in the way I can directly interact with people (and it's easier to find stuff too)
  4. KD/BGW this coming weekend. Traffic depending hoping to hit up KD on the Friday night. If not, then it's just BGW on Saturday. Looking forward to it as the last time I was at BGW was East Coast Bash in 2012, and KD was Coasting for Kids in 2014.
  5. Great report Andy! Brings back memories of Banshee Bash, and meeting up with TPR at Knoebels.
  6. Hands down the best day I've ever had Knoebels. And generally any time at Knoebels is a great time. The friends, the food, the Glow ERT, just everything. This was a perfect day, at an amazing park. Thank you for sharing your report, and making me miss all of you guys. April 30th can't get here soon enough (opening day!)
  7. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. I wish GKTW all the best in coming up with an alternative to this event. This is one event I looked forward to every year. The fundraising, the riding with friends, to meeting wish families at the park, and hearing their stories. Everything together made this event what it was. But I do hope that GKTW gets to work something out. I just feel bad for the fact that the amount of $ that GKTW won't be getting (directly from this type of event). I mean TeamTPR over the years have donated amazing amounts of $ to this cause, and to potentially not have that, makes me a little sad. Thank you GKTW for a great event, and I look forward to what you come up with.
  8. Some pics from Cedar Point! Looking snazzy. Signs outside the rides during the day. A little bit of history... More ride time! We had 2hrs on this wonderful coaster. 2 fun exciting hours. Had to take a pic of Gatekeeper. 3hrs on Gemini. 99% good, 1% bad when you get a hard brake into the station. We had fun racing the non coasting for kids train. Team TPR (I know there was one more there but they didn't say hi but was standing near us in the big group picture)
  9. At other parks we had signs out front of every ride during their marathon parks explaining that we were doing an event for charity, and that there could be some delays. Looks like you got a lot done yesterday and had a great time!
  10. Had a great time at Cedar Point today! Only met a couple other Team TPR people but hey it was still fun to see all these people riding for the cause. I'll post more once I'm home home and can sort my pix.
  11. Past few years they had a ride twice get off wait a train or two get back on policy. Haven't seen anything about that this year. But it's generally business as usual on a coaster. Depending on park, you are filling in empty seats on a ride.
  12. You know that's the great thing about TPR we always raise amazing amounts of money for such a great cause! Have fun this weekend everyone!
  13. ^ You know it was one of those rides, where you weren't really sure what to expect, yet you came back to the station laughing going wow this is really good.
  14. Thanks for reminding me I need to delete pics off my phone... And I'm just $19 of making $350 anyone out there would like to donate If I haven't donated to you yet, and want me to let me know!
  15. I agree with Nick, I had emailed some questions, and never got a response. I guess working at a gym, I feel like you should be responding to questions. I also think another email about the noon deadline for today would have been nice, as I actually forgot about that until I saw that last night. But if these are the only minor issues I have, then so be it. Still no matter what it is a fantastic event, and the parks always put on a great event. This is my 4th year coasting, and my 3rd different park. (eventually my goal is to participate at every CF park ) I always find it amazing that Team TPR goes above and beyond year after year.
  16. Was just at the park yesterday, lines were about an hour for most major coasters. I actually waited longer for a locker at Batman: TDK than the actual ride line. Wicked Cyclone is amazing. Got a front row and a back row ride. I enjoyed both, I think I did enjoy back a little more. I thought I saw some other people mention at one point in the back there was a rattle. I did notice it slightly, but it definitely didn't take away from the ride. Music at the Park was there yesterday and I expected crowds to be awful, but I was pleasantly surprised. I had more issues with a security guard at bag check than anything else all day.
  17. Let me know what your next goal is before the deadline. (after the 2k.) I would put you over tonight, but um my credit card thinks it's magically suspicious when I make multiple donations in the same amount to one charity. :/ So, I still have $ to give for people I have your pages open. I'm just spreading them out over this week, so I don't get any more phone calls from the credit card company.
  18. Nick, I didn't even notice. But I do have an idea of what your vet bill probably was. That completely stinks about the hot water tank too. But I totally can't wait to have an awesome adventure at Cedar Point!
  19. ^ Just pushed you past $200. Now if anyone would like to get me close to $200, I'd appreciate it. (I've been stalled at $44 dollars from $200 for a couple weeks now). I'm also going to be going through and donating to people this week as well. Great job TeamTPR!
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