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  1. I'm braving the crowds this weekend. I was going anyway to see some friends who I haven't seen all year, but I'm guessing the line will be a few hours long just like Black Diamond was when they opened that during PPP a couple years ago.
  2. Great update Chad! MoA is somewhere I've been wanting to get to. Nick Universe seems like a really cool place
  3. Which day did you go that weekend? I was there the same weekend and had a completely opposite experience. It was filthy, and half the park rides were closed and the rides I did manage to get, I had the rudest ride ops and ignorant clientele. Then when I was leaving I'm pretty sure the entire police force of Clementon was in the parking lot, starting to run in for some unknown reason. (and I wasn't about to stick around to find out). I think the only plus was their selections of food wasn't horrible.
  4. ^They haven't said, but I think with the winds being so strong yesterday it didn't much matter.
  5. http://6abc.cm/17ZEu0B WPVI has a photo slide show with some more photos taken today.
  6. Casino Pier was spared by them tearing up some of the new boardwalk and digging a trench to save the Seaside Heights area of the boardwalk. Funtown Pier is destroyed in Seaside Park.
  7. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/live Chopper 6 is currently over the scene surveying the damage. Another press conference again with Gov. Christie should be coming up on that stream too. ETA: Adding some screen shots from the chopper.
  8. Casino Pier just posted this status: Fingers crossed that this is the case.
  9. looks like you guys had a fantastic time! Great job on the money raised as well!
  10. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/live Another live feed from WPVI in Philly. It should carry the remarks that Gov. Christie will make a little later tonight.
  11. http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/livenow?id=9245912 live video from Chopper 6 from Philly.
  12. My local news just said 6 alarms and that they are trying to cut apart the rebuilt part of the board walk to stop the flames from spreading to there. ETA: just said the 1800 block of the boardwalk in Seaside Park but is going around 8 blocks long and now near residential areas too. Funtown Pier is hard hit, but that hadn't reopened from Sandy had it? http://abclocal.go.com/wpvi/story?section=news/local&id=9245840
  13. Knoebels Dorney for Coasting for Kids Playland Castaway Cove, OCNJ Gillians Wonderland, OCNJ Jolly Roger 30th St., OCMD Baja Amusements, OCMD Camelback Mountain Adventures, Tannersville, PA (mountain coaster, it's also a water park in the summer, but not totally an amusement park) Bowcraft Funplex Clementon (sadly, the coaster was closed and I have to go back to that ghetto) I'll most likely add Knoebels at the end of the year too for PPP. Such a horrible park list for me this year.
  14. I need a full time job. By process of elimination, mini new hotness if offered will be the only option I can go on. I did put a backup of I'm interested in of summer west coast trip. But I don't think realistically I can afford it.
  15. I seriously want to buy a drink for whoever runs their FB page. But FT does look pretty nice at night.
  16. Great update! That legends concert sounds amazing! Sounds like it was an amazing time for you and Spears!
  17. looks like an awesome experience Thanks for reporting for TPR
  18. Just so you know Big Mike, I appreciate the updates on FB and here on TPR. FB let's me see where you are at in the moment, and TPR lets me see the big picture. Cause I know I always miss some FB posts. Keep up the good work in both places
  19. Looks like a fun trip so far! I'm pretty sure KidTums is better at the FlowRider than I'll ever be Elissa's Shark hoodie/towel is epic.
  20. Great report! I still need to get up there some day, hopefully next year.
  21. If the flying turns opens, how ever will I remember how long I've been out of college now?
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