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  1. I'm $5 away from hitting $250 dollars raised. If you donate $5 to me, I'll donate $5 to you, or any person you would like me to donate those $5 dollars to
  2. At knoebels anywhere for food is good. I haven't had a bad food item there. and that's going for over 10 years now. Fun items are pickle on a stick, taco in a bag (fritos with taco fixin's in it), apple cider slushies, kettle corn, etc. Go into knoebels with empty stomachs, you'll leave having eaten a lot of awesome things.
  3. I tweeted Kings Dominion yesterday and I received a reply that says: Registration will be outside the gate and that the safety briefing will be in front of the Eiffel Tower. ETA: Link to the tweet
  4. Both, I like seeing discussion with some reports, but then there are times where I just want all the pictures and report and no discussion. Though I think it also boils down to what device I'm using, Park Index seems to like my iPad better and loads nicer. Even if you guys don't cross post, maybe a sticky thread with the trip reports in the park index could be done?
  5. I caved and bought myself a season pass this year so I could hit up Great Adventure a couple times and possibly check out SFA again as well. Looking forward to getting my pass processed and a ride or two on El Toro! It's been too long since I was last there for roller coasters.
  6. That's awesome! Keep up the good work TPR! I know I've got a few donations to make to friends this pay period.
  7. ^Looks like it's in the kiddie section of the park. I didn't do a full walk through of the area when I was up there.
  8. I ate so much this past weekend at Knoebels, and I know that there is some food that people have mentioned on here that I just didn't find yet. My goal was to try new to me foods at Knoebels and I succeeded. Re-Tracked section of the Phoenix. Flying Turns Funnel Cake! Whipper Yes, it's taken me 12 years to go ride this, but it was fun! And I didn't feel nauseous afterward so *yay* Hattie eating a snack. Hattie getting ready to "brush" her beak. She rubs against the rope, like humans would use a toothbrush to keep her beak clean. Doesn't this look like a wonderful place for a coaster in 2015?
  9. I too was there on Saturday, and agree the Phoenix's work done add the ride seem faster (if that's even possible!) the work done on Twister to me, was OK, but it really wasn't the parts of the ride they should have been working on. Still beat the crap out of me, and while a slightly better ride than years past, it still didn't want to make me re-ride it. Didn't go on Flying Turns this year bc I rode it last year during PPP. I'll post some pictures when I get home from work today.
  10. Shouldn't they be giving you a shark or maybe your own sharknado that destroys the park and a unicorn?
  11. I've got leftover painkillers from my recent hospital stay, should I pack those along too? BTW, I'm all signed up for Kings Dominion as well!
  12. Happy belated birthday KT! hope you have a wonderful time at your party!
  13. Option 1. I like the Twitter feed. You guys use twitter daily, it's a good way to check your feed without having to be on Twitter itself. I also like the smaller area for the rotating pictures. It looks less bulky when placed with the twitter feed.
  14. looks like it will be a wonderful park once they get all the kinks worked out! Thanks for sharing!
  15. Was thinking the same thing. Looks amazing, but the crowds look crazy. Thanks for sharing! Disney's fireworks look incredible.
  16. I have accounts on all those social media platforms, but I'm active on Facebook first and foremost, and twitter second. I also actively use YouTube to watch the TPR POV videos and stuff, but I don't comment on stuff, because as Chris mentioned the comment section on there brings out the stupidest people. Pintrest, I use it on occasion, but not to the obsessiveness as some people. I just don't get the joy of hunting around for the original links to something because someone pinned one thing (a recipe) and they posted the picture not the link to the blog post that had the recipe. It just seems like Pintrest is a lot of click backs to get to what you really want. I do like the boards so I can make a board for something I'm interested in, again using the recipes, I can put all recipes I find in one spot. Instagram, I've got one, but my iDevices are old and I can't use the app anymore, but I can comment and like. But too many people use filters way too much on there. Vine, same iDevices are old, but I can watch and comment. Tumblr, use mainly to find pictures from TV shows I watch. I follow some sites on there, but don't check it every day, or post there very often. G+ apparently I have two accounts over there, because I never wanted my real name on my YT channel, but it's there, never used really.
  17. ^Amy, I love the waffle maker and the inflatable giraffe! Those look awesome! I wonder if I can convince my mom that a zoo animals waffle maker is the way to go
  18. I'm guessing Phoenix at Knoebels will be my first of 2014. It could be El Toro if I decide to head to Great Adventure before Knoebels, but Knoebels is pretty much set for opening weekend.
  19. That is completely hilarious! I had no idea what to expect. But it kind of reminded me of Maxwell in the Geico commercials too.
  20. *yay* my Secret Santa like their gifts! And everyone's gifts have been amazing this year! Those coloring books for grown ups are hilariously awesome.
  21. Is it April yet? Can't wait to head up opening weekend.
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