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  1. hmm guilty pleasure ride has to be back in the day is a Toboggan, yeah it beats the crap out of you but I like it. I also enjoy riding any rides at Knoebels. Which is where generally the bumper cars are a must there.
  2. Seeing everyone's gifts is totally awesome Great job all the secret santas!
  3. I miss the Santa Claw. I was hoping that they'd keep it going as a yearly thing. I think we all had lots of fun playing the claw
  4. Just wanted to say my secret santa should have their gift. The delivery confirmation said delivered (I won't say when). So hopefully they are waiting until the holiday to open.
  5. I try to keep a bag no bigger than a TPR sized drawstring bag. Or I have a purse that is a medium sized purse that fits about the same amount of stuff. I keep a wallet, ticket/season pass, park map, camera (unless I've been to the park a lot then I don't take many pictures), phone, hand sanitizer, and change if I need to rent something to store my stuff. The more I go to parks the less I take.
  6. Tried to get on the kiddie coaster at King's Dominion but was denied. (Though in my defense, the lady at the front gates of the park measured me and said I was an inch under the 60 inches, got there, and the guy was like nope no way even though I was still under the height limit). Crazy thing this past labor day weekend, I started out, at Camelback in Pa for the mountain coaster, drove a couple hours to Bowcraft for the Crossbow, then another hour or so with traffic to Funplex in Mount Laurel, and then I braved Clementon, only to find out that Hellcat was closed. (blessing in disguise because Flying Turns at Knoebels ended up being magic 250 different coasters ridden for me ). So I ended up driving like 8 hours for 3 coasters.
  7. It's still the holiday weekend, so I'm thankful for: 1. TPR Trips- while this looks like year 2 without a trip, the two trips I had been on were the most awesome trips ever, and I met some of my best friends on those trips. It's nice to have a variety of people from all over the world to discuss roller coasters/amusement parks. 2. Park: Knoebels 3. Coaster: El Toro, The Phoenix, and really every coaster I've ridden, because good or bad they've all been an experience I can share with others.
  8. Can't wait to see when everyone starts getting theirs and opening them up. Checking the thread to see everyone's gifts is so much fun!
  9. Where's Molly's Cupcakes located? I know I won't be in NYC for a while, but it's on my list of places to check out next time I go visit. And Thanks for the TR! The parade view was pretty cool. I'd much rather watch a parade from inside.
  10. My secret santa gifts arrived Thank you secret santa, you absolutely rock My secret santa gifts! Rocking the hat!
  11. I still don't know my secret santa from the first time, and last year, I think I figured it out eventually by posts on the thread here. But I don't know if I ever was 100% sure. As for me, I always like to say when something has shipped because last year, my gift sat in customs for quite a while before they decided to send it onto it's recipient. I kind of like to make sure gifts arrive properly at their destination.
  12. Everything has been ordered and delivered to my house, and packed and sent on its way. So secret Santa be on the look out for a package to arrive on Monday.
  13. That's such an awesome couple of days Robb! Thanks for sharing this! The science dork in me enjoys this.
  14. My secret ChrisHanKwanSivus gifts are purchased. Can't wait for them to arrive so I can pack them up, write a card out and get them on their merry way.
  15. Thanks for that Robb! I was on my phone at work and just scrolled at the subject saying it was a PM I had, I read it now and saw my giftee's name
  16. Brandy, I had an email saying I had a PM with a name, and then when I logged in here it was gone. Will I get a new PM with my person's name?
  17. That looks fantastic! Awesome job to Scott and his family! I can't wait to see what they come up with next.
  18. I like the idea of it being in addition to the regular trip reports. I did find myself a couple times, having to pause and go back because of the caption length, but I think you mentioned on the previous page about finding a balance for that, so I think you are headed in the right direction with these, and a little tweaking it will be something that will be a nice addition to the Trip reports. Short answer, yes, I will watch these as well as reading TR's. I think it creates a nice whole.
  19. I visited Knoebels again this weekend for the last weekend of Hallo-Fun nights, it was quite enjoyable. Rode Flying Turns for the third time, and I can say each time I've ridden it's been a unique ride. I will say, enjoy the haunted antique cars seem to get better and better each year. More details and more scares. Also Phoenix and Twister were running insane last night as well. I also tried the caramel apple pork chop on a stick and the pumpkin funnel cake, they were both delicious. Next year, I definitely want to try more foods that they just have around the halloween time. Overall, it was a great little day trip to Knoebels and a nice way to end my coaster season.
  20. I'm so in And: I like Doctor Who, Mythbusters, NCIS as my TV shows; amusement parks and roller coasters (of course); books; & writing. But really anything quirky is awesome and I've gotten some awesome stuff from my secret santas
  21. Here's the sign. I really don't see how it violates any ADA policy as it still allows handicapped people to ride the ride. I mean the best thing to do would be to contact Knoebels before the trip and see how many trains they might be using that day.
  22. ^Glad to see this is being discussed for 2013 I've had a lot of fun both years I participated.
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