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  1. Anyone else think it could be Runaway Mountain? The coaster is already in the dark and you can hardly see anything; there isn't much of an experience to take away from. Maybe the whole "virtual reality" could be themed around the ride. Dispatch times are already pretty quick; each train only seats 12 people and it runs an unload and loading station. Return headsets at the return and they can be sent over to the loading area for the next guests. Of all the coasters in the park I think it's the most practical. I saw ShockWave mentioned a while back; I don't think it would be ShockWave solely
  2. Happy New Year! I decided to do a little shopping today at Katy Mills mall, which if you recall is directly across from the new water park, and decided since I was there I'd drive around a bit to find out exactly where Typhoon Texas would be built. I guess by now I should have anticipated something other than a sign being there since the park is slated to open this May, but to my surprise, construction is well under way. I wasn't able to get a picture of it, but all the slice pieces have been delivered and are being stored in what I assume will be the parking lot. Several slides are already ne
  3. One of my best friends lives in Seguin and sent me this picture this morning; it's kinda crappy but shows the work done thus far on the station. Still some more to go.
  4. I'm visiting from Houston with family this week; Branson is very dead. I was told today at SDC (report to follow) that school begins this week for the area which is why SDC is closed all week until Friday (and the park was pretty empty). Houston schools don't start until next week and I don't start until the week after being that I am a sophomore at Texas A&M and we start later, so as usual, we took our family vacation late. First off, huge shout out to SDC. We had a huge ticket kerfluffle and they were very cooperative and got the whole situation sorted out. They were absolute rock s
  5. That looks just awful. Oh my gosh, WAY too constricting. If they managed to configure a capsule that was more open, maybe, but as of now, no way.
  6. Slingshot is only a couple of seasons old, to me it seems impractical to remove it. Move it elsewhere in the park, like maybe to the boardwalk, yes, but I just don't see them removing it. Texas Fireball seems like a practical name. To be honest, I was expecting a Larson Loop so if it is one I won't be surprised. Fortunately I actually enjoy these rides; the one at the Kemah Boardwalk, which I believe was the first 22m to be built was actually pretty fun; the loop felt bigger than it was. Capacity will probably be a nightmare but I think it would be a nice fit to the park. Really anywhere
  7. I'm at the park right now. Just rode Batman for the first time and wow, VERY fun, unique, and quite an intense experience. Great addition to the park. Queue time at park open was an hour and a half including a short delay to add a 5th train to the circuit. Currently I'm in line for Superman and there is a ride attendant at the ride entrance handing out regular admit one tickets. There is a security guard before the station that is checking the numbers on the tickets to make sure they are consecutive. If you don't have a ticket you are not permitted to ride. They are using this system to pr
  8. First off, prayers for those affected as I'm sure this won't be easy for them. Secondly, as stated above, this should not have happened. There's two things that need to be determined, 1) Why the first train stalled (very much possible it was just high winds), and 2) Why the second train was able to enter that block even though it was occupied. I feel almost certain that it is an issue with the ride's operation system but time will tell following a thorough investigation. I'm hoping this doesn't cause a mass closure of Gerstlauer coaters but if the same system is used on all the rides it is ver
  9. Was it windy? They shut it down for wind all the time. Very excited for Justice League! I'm glad they made this investment; I visited Universal Studios last summer and loved all of their dark rides, so I'm excited to see how this compares.
  10. I feel that with more weight in the seats that they wont spin as violently, but then again I could be wrong. Very excited for this, it looks amazing! Not sure if they're going for a less flippy ride on one side, but after the raven turn and double up there's a magnetic fin only on one side. I'm sure it's intentional, but it stood out to me. Anyone know more?
  11. A group of friends and I went to the park last Saturday and really enjoyed ourselves. The staff was working very efficiently, all the rides were running, and it was an overall beautiful day. There were a lot of people due to a Student Council convention that was happening where the second day the entire convention goes to Six Flags the day after, so we were going through hoards of high school students all day, but regardless of the added length to the queue lines we managed to ride everything we wanted and more. We departed from Texas A&M at about 6:00 Friday night and drove straight t
  12. Oh my gosh they are moving along fast, and WOW it looks amazing. That raven turn... WOW. I'm at a loss for words. They'll be done in no time at all.
  13. Construction is coming along nicely! Source: Six Flags Fiesta Texas Facebook
  14. Wow. Batman is TALL. I mean, it's certainly taller than I anticipated. They are hauling butt with this construction; I'm stoked for this ride. Superman looks fantastic with it's new paint. I still think it looks faded in the pictures because the colors are darker, and maybe even because I'm used to seeing it all faded and disgusting, but the difference is still significant and I'm positive that in person it looks much better than in the pictures. It's crazy to think that it's already 15 years old! Bravo to Fiesta Texas for finally giving it some paint. And Road Runner, glad it's getting some T
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