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  1. Thank you for the video! I like the variety of rides. This plays just fine for me on desktop PC. Win7 using VLC as I see there was some question about that.
  2. Wow! I'm not dreaming and really just watched that. Very intelligent ad.
  3. My submission: Do you buy park tickets at the main gate or off-site/online?
  4. Maybe history will repeat itself and KI will get a nice medium/large wooden twister. Also, this park doesn't seem to have great luck with 'prototype' rides, may be best to steer clear of those for a while.
  5. That'd be fun to WATCH running in person. No way in hell I get on it. Not enough money in the 'verse.
  6. For years all the old Racer trains sat alongside the Smithfield St. Bridge near Downtown Pittsburgh unprotected from the elements. Glad to see a survivor.
  7. As sad as this news is, upon reading it, all I could do was glance over at all the plastic hangers in my closet. Rest in Peace Mr. Toomer. Your creation made me smile.
  8. The 'gimmick' sfxs at the end of the Ark are down for the season for major repairs (Source) You can never have enough Phantom photos. Thanks for sharing the TR.
  9. Wow! This induced a flashback to me standing in line for ride, completely unsure of what it was, aside from a roller coaster. Two hours later, wandering out of the darkened exit, still dizzy, into the blaring Ohio sun, I still wasn't exactly sure what exactly happened to me there in the dark. All I knew is that I immediately had to get back in line and try again. (Loved the ride even with the OTSR's) This is very well done.
  10. I received my copy yesterday (6/6/11). It's great to come home from the office on a Monday and find something fun has arrived in the mail instead of the usual bad news. I especially loved all the extra videos and images included on the disc.
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