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  1. No problem! I really wanted to capture the walkthroughs for family that couldn't go this year I just use my Samsung TL210 digital camera, it takes great quality videos in my opinion! You're totally welcome! I'm not really planning on getting to any more CF parks within the next couple weeks, but I'm definitely getting to Kings Island next year during their haunt, so I'll be sure to record all those walkthroughs also!
  2. Hey TPR-ers! I just came back from a beautiful weekend at Cedar Point's Halloweekends and had a BLAST! The screamsters were top-notch in most of the mazes, the weather was wonderful, people were screaming, and I got peed on by plastic babies! I recorded all 6 of the scarezones entirely with my HD camera, including the new "Blood on the Bayou" and "Screamworks!" Here are my reviews of the scarezones, starting with the best leading to the.. not so great ones. Terror Island 10/10 This year, Terror Island was phenomenal. The island was full of fantastic scaracters, great effects and props, lots of fog, and hilarious gags that could turn your stomach inside out. (Second time walking through, one of the scaracters completely "Threw -up" on the ground right in front of our feet, then scooped the liquid back up with a spoon) So if you plan on coming to Halloweekends this year, make sure to hit Terror Island. You won't be disappointed! Blood on the Bayou 9/10 This scarezone is brand new for Halloweekends and they did a fantastic job with it! They really captured the setting by placing this within the Iron Dragon lagoon area, placing "shotgun" shacks, old rusted trailers, and busted-up farm equipment along the path. The actors utilized their spaces very well, trailing distractions up right towards a misdirected scare. The only improvement needed is the ending. There wasn't a climax at the end of the maze, and using the path underneath Top Thrill Dragster is not ideal for the last scene of any scarezone... Anyhow, BotB is a great addition to Halloweekends and I can't wait to see their improvements for next year! Cornstalkers 8.5/10 One of my personal favorites, Cornstalkers makes it to the third spot on my list. This scarezone is probably the scariest walkthrough at Cedar Point. The cornstalks in this maze makes the actors completely invisible, so when you enter through this maze, you are guaranteed a surprise. (For example, halfway through the video, an actor dressed in cornstalks comes up and talks to me, then another one sneaks up behind me and whispers in my ear, completely freaking me out.) The actors in this maze truly make this scarezone a great experience. Also, never be doubtful when walking up to the entrance of this maze. The queue line was completely full with the sign saying it was an hour wait, but I made it through the line in 12 minutes flat. So make sure to go through this maze when you get the chance! CarnEvil 8/10 This year's most improved scarezone goes to CarnEvil. CP really stepped this place up, they put in brand new props, costumes, animatronics, and music to make this a fantastic scarezone. The actors are much more versatile, with new "scare" props such as squeaky toys, chains, canes, sirens, and chattering teeth. (Much more effective than the usual "shaker" cans) I truly enjoyed walking through this greatly improved scarezone. Fear Faire 7.5/10 In my opinion, Fear Faire is much much better than last year. Great scaracters, great props, and just enough fog to even the whole place out. However, this scarezone had lots of empty areas filled with scenery, but no actors. The overall problem with this maze is that they really need to have a lot more actors to fill up some empty spaces. This maze is still a great attraction, it just needs a little more attention for using the space up wisely. Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks 5/10 Unfortunately, Screamworks is at the bottom of my list. Yes, the initial Steampunk theme is one of my favorites, it has a very nice atmosphere, great music... But I wasn't truly scared through this scarezone. The problem with this walk through is that there is way too much empty space, not nearly as many actors as there should be, and the crowd control is very weak. This scarezone can definitely be greatly improved. It has a lot of potential, but it definitely needs more attention from the folks at CP. The scareactors are really great,(Especially the sliders, as well as the guy with the trashcan siren.. watch for him to do his "Rodeo!") there just needs to be more of them to fill up the gaps. Overall, this attraction is NOT worse than previous years' "Fright Zone", but it just needs more actors. With my experience of this year's trip, I believe that this is one of the best years of Halloweekends to date. I had a great time getting the crap scared out of me by the wonderful actors. I hope you enjoy my videos! Thanks for watching!
  3. Cedar Point's Halloweekends details have been announced for the 2011 season! Check it out on http://www.Halloweekends.com Mazes/Scare Zones: Blood on the Bayou (NEW) Lurking along the dark fetid waters of the bayou are mysteries too dangerous to explore, too twisted to explain. It's where nightmares live in the shadows, gruesome terrors freeze your blood and the dead walk, searching for new prey. Located on the Iron Dragon island. Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks (NEW) Journey into science fiction past and future to explore a sinister, steamy subculture where goggles and gears, Victorians and valves create a world that never was, but might have been. Located in the same location where the Fright Zone used to be. Carnevil The crazy clowns and lurking sideshow freaks are waiting to share their special brand of entertainment with you. Step right up! Cornstalkers Navigate your way through this disorienting, twisted path. Beware! There's more than just corn in this field. Fear Faire Step into our menacing, medieval marketplace - just hope the Inquisition doesn't come after you. Terror Island Arrrrrrrrr you brave enough? Meet the motley crews of sunken ships, left deserted on this island. But mind yer steps - they've been waitin' for rescue for over 100 years. Haunted Houses: Club Blood Head out to Club Blood and "take a bite" out of your nightlife! Dance to the fresh beats and see the most exotic (and infamous) club-goers around. Eternity Infirmary (NEW) You can check in, but you can't check out! Stay away or you may become Eternity Infirmary's next patient. (Rename/retheme of last year's Dr. D Mented's Asylum) Eerie Estate This stately limestone mansion harbors deep, dark secrets guarded by ancient inhabitors seeking revenge and looking for more permanent residents. Happy Jack's Toy Factory When is a doll not a doll? When it's a fiendish, evil creature seeking revenge on humankind. You'll never turn your back on a stuffed bunny again. And also a new addition to the 2011 season is a new haunted house "Fastpass" system called Zombie Tours: Zombie Tours is your way to visit all of our Haunted Houses, plus two of our outdoor haunted mazes without waiting in line! ZOMBIE TOURS will be lead around the park with front of the line access to the haunted houses and two outdoor scare zones. Tours will begin at Club Blood and then visit the following attractions: Happy Jack’s Toy Factory, Boeckling’s Eerie Estates, Blood on the Bayou, Eternity Infirmary and Cornstalkers. It is anticipated the tour will take 2 ½ to 3 hours to complete. Zombie Tour participants will also receive special advanced seating at Sideshow- A Carnival of Magic at the Aldrich theatre and The GoodTime Ghouls - A Halloweekend Hullabaloo at the Ghoul Time Theatre. Looks like it's gonna be a damn good year for Halloweekends, especially for steampunk junkies like myself.
  4. "Be prepared to Face Your Darkest Fears... New, the Outer Limits: Flight of Fear at Paramount's Kings Island will launch you into the next dimension of coaster excitement. It’s not only the first indoor roller coaster of it’s kind on Earth, it is the first roller coaster that is completely out of this world! Surrounded in darkness, riders will experience the most innovative themed ride experience available anywhere today!" Thanks for checking this ride out, it was one of my favorite projects I've ever made. I hope you enjoy the finished product! -Nick
  5. Hey there, TPR-ers! This is my first time putting up a photo TR, so bear with me! This year was my second time going to Halloweekends and I must say it was FANTASTIC this year! The weather was unbelievably gorgeous getting up to 78 degrees at noon, few clouds in the sky, and no rain whatsoever.(Is it seriously supposed to be October right now??) All the coasters were running smooth, the haunted houses were great, and the scarezones were all top notch. Haunted Houses Eerie Estate: Fantastic haunted house. Full of screamsters, great effects, and awesome lighting! I really enjoyed the cool air effect running down the back of your neck in the wine cellar.. just made it perfect for the set up of the guy that jumped down in front of me. I recommend going through this place first. Plus, the guy right behind me made it all better screaming his head off. Happy Jack's Toy Factory: Creepiest place I've ever been to. This house is just flat out FUN. Lots of dolls all over the place,(plastic and live ones) clowns, marionettes, killer rabbits.. this place is a blast. My opinion, it wasn't as good as last year.. just seemed like there were alot less actors and alot more chances to get scared, but never came. Still, it's an fantastic attraction. Highly recommend it. My advice: Don't turn around to look back, the toys like to sneak up to you from every direction. and I mean EVERY direction! Club Blood: Great music, great actors, awesome walkthrough. Of course, every year this place is great! Who doesn't love a club full of vampires? The actors climbing on top of the barrels was a plus for me, really didnt expect them to come from there! Dr. D. Mented's Asylum: This is definitely a step up from last year's Undertaker U. I personally loved this one, it had a great atmosphere, awesome actors, well-done animatronics, and great scares! Even the queue was fun. The actors loved to roam around in character and pop out from the doors and windows of the building! The floorplans pretty much the same as Undertaker, but they really filled in the spaces well so it's not just hallway after hallway. LOVED the drop-down portrait, that guy got me goood. I shot a couple videos of full walkthroughs of the Fright Zone, you can check em out in HD! Now onto the pictures: Welcome to Cedar Point! "Are you my mummy?" Anybody remember going on this one? The Crowd "Humans make the best speedbumps!" Mantis Millennium still riding like a beauty For all you Intamin geeks! Gotta love those sexy cars.. He sure looks happy.. Hot-tubbin' Epic shot of the Fright Zone entrance My personal favorite: CornStalkers Skyhawk doin its thing Maverick Sexy car shot.. Ohh.. baby. Just hangin around.. Just... barely made it over.. Notice: Hair. Notice: Peace "Arms down.." Barbershop quartet.. still singin away Raptor looks even sexier in the fall... Corkscrew still screwin.. Lol.. Dead Rock Buffet Power Tower: Still looking epic. Happy Jack And his toy factory "We Bring Toys to Life!" Club Blood The updated entrance The Train Ride: Longest time me and dad actually sat down all day. Feel the joy. Dr. D. Mented's Asylum for the Criminally Insane A couple of good-looking fellows. "Yeah.. we met in an Insane Asylum" Waiting for that one, perfect catch. Gotta love the dogems.. Raptors even more intense at night.. with fog Fear Faire Cedar fair makes it hard on their mechanics.. CornStalkers Fright Zone Last ride of Maxair ..and back to Happy Jack's Screamsters still roaming around..
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