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  1. After visiting Universal & SWO/BGT last week it's more like Dollar General vs Gucci....
  2. http://smartpermit.santaclaraca.gov/tm_bin/tmw_cmd.pl?tmw_cmd=StatusViewCase&shl_caseno=PLN2017-12971 Case Number: PLN2017-12971 Application Date: 11/16/2017 Description: Architectural Review of proposed new 210-foot tall steel roller coaster ride and new ride station building. Looks like the hyper is finally coming....
  3. California's Merry America, California's Great Amerimas! Looking forward to 2016!
  4. Work on the new Mass Effect at Action Theater is underway..... Entrance Everything all covered up in plastic tarp
  5. Awesome news! I did like this coaster despite the restraints and I'm happy I'll be able to ride it the way it was intended to be. Great job SFMM!
  6. Sweet! Looks like more trips to SFDK next year! Love the color scheme and theme and that drop/conversion! An RMC in my backyard now? Yes please!!
  7. Was at the park Saturday 6/20 with some friends who haven't been to the park in five years. Had a great time. Did Fast Lane as the park was busy as there was a special event. Flight Deck was still closed and the front entrance had steel barricade fencing. Tiki Twirl was also down, Firefall was running, and Gold Striker was fast, smooth and running great as ever. Noticed that the painted some of the supports white again after seeing it gray earlier in the month. Also the south parking lot has been repaved and redone with a few more entry/exits added to ease traffic flow. More work being done on the south parking lot, next to the drop off area. The gray paint that was on a section of the middle support in this pic is now white again.. South section of parking repaved and restripped back to vertical rows again, also additional entry/exits added to ease traffic flow. Flight Deck still closed. Steel barricades in front entrance of Flight Deck More shiny new white paint on a section of one of the supports on Vortex again.. Newly widened bus entrance with a curved entrance and new cement path Tiki Twirl Closed. Work on the south parking lot next to the drop off parking.
  8. Was at the park recently and a good portion of one of Vortex's lift hill supports has been painted gray... Let the speculation begin!
  9. Appears to have been a maintenance worker. My thoughts to those affected... http://abc7news.com/news/two-injured-at-roller-coaster-inside-santa-claras-great-america/781565/
  10. I was actually able to retake the survey tweaking some answers a bit and got more scenarios.
  11. So far (without breaking confidentiality of course) there are 4 different concepts.. All very interesting indeed...
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