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Best and Lamest Coaster "Ending"

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"Now you will pay, Now you will pay"...yes by going up the lifthill, exiting the ride, and having to go wait in another huge crappy line at PKI!!!

Even though the quote is over a year old....AMEN! LOL


Best - Millennium Force: Airtime hill and then overbank turn!

2nd Best - Mantis: Insane spaggetti bowl finale

And of course the Beasts' double helix of awesomenessss

BORG Assimalator'sdouble corkscrew is awesome....laying backwards head first!



Worst - ADVENTURE EXPRESS! And you alwayyysss get stuck in that tunnel!!!!!

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- Iron Wolf: It may be a rough ride, but if you look at the design of this insane last section, it is quite incredible. And, if you can snag a smooth ride on it, you'll see how truly insane and fun the final section is.



- Ice Dragon (IOA): Boo to boring, slow turns. Totally breaks the ride for me.

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best: Colosus at Thorpe Park: 4 interjoined inline twists connected to a bank turn into a small airtime hill and through another inline twist barely 7/8ft above the ground at 15mph



worst: Mighty Mini Mega at southend: a massive, unnessecary brake run that takes 2 mins to get down :\

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Out of the rides I have been on...



New Rollercoaster

May not be the best to everyone else but its good for its size, a nice little airtime hill, I was terrified when I was a little kid of it!



The Ultimate

Dull turn into an uneeded lift hill (But still one of my favorite coasters)

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The first that come to mind are-



~River King Mine Train (SFStL)- The ride overall is horrible, but the ending dive into the pitch black tunnel rocks!

~Batman the Ride- Damn that thing never lets up. The final helix into the brake run, following the awesome wing overs, is devine!

~Gemini- Do I really need to explain? Its just awesome!




~Iron Dragon- An anti-climactic ending to an anti-climactic ride.... sigh

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I haven't been on a lot of coasters, so TPR videos are my main source.


Favorites: (Wood)

Balder and the Voyage - two coasters that look absolutely perfect in a video... beginning to end. Unfortunately, I've never been to their parks.

Shivering Timbers - the second half of that ride looks absolutely insane. Just wish it had The Voyage's great scenery.



Colossus (Thorpe Park) - The quad heartline roll with one more at the end for good measure makes this a ride I'd like to go on if I ever get to go to the UK.

SheiKra - that water splash looks awesome both in the on- and off-ride versions of your POV.

Flight of Fear's final corkscrew. That ride made me so dizzy that after the brake run, I got out of the train and could hardly walk.

I'd also count Black Mamba, but I think that whole ride's amazing; again, if I ever get to visit the park, I'd love to ride it.


Least favorite: (Wood)

Probably the Rattler, if I remember correctly... it really slows to a crawl at the end.



Adventure Express - I don't like coasters with more than one lift hill anyway, but a lift hill into the ending?!

Volcano - the last drop goes into a brake run?

Pepsi Max Big One - I agree with tour2ma.

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Here are the best and lamest endings on a coaster:



Yankee Cannonball: Airtime all the way into the breaks!

Apollo's Chariot: Just like the Yankee Cannonball!

LNM: A vertical loop, and a little airtime!

T-bolt: Airtime!



Canobie Corkscrew: boring turn to end this horrible ride!

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Some of favorite coaster endings:


Tatsu --- a disorienting and high-flying inline twist into a high-G helix more than 100-feet above the ground below. WOW. Talk about a strong finish.


Gemini --- very tight helix with deadly-looking headchoppers.


Some of my least favorite coaster endings:


Raptor --- that turn coming out of the final helix into the brake run is SO bad. I don't understand it. The rest of the ride is practically flawless.


Xcelerator --- hitting the brakes at a downward slope at approximately 60 mph says two things. (1) Ow. (2) What a waste of speed and potentially longer ride.


Ninja --- No need for any kind of explanation. Probably the West Coast's most anti-climatic finish.

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Considering I haven't been on much..


Best: SROS NE - I like the helix's and hills, and its really powerful.


Worst: Alpengeist and Great Bear - I don't really care for Alpengeist's forceless helix at the end, or the last turn that goes really slow. Maybe I caught it on bad days, but it really didn't do it for me. Great Bear, after the cork is really slow and boring as well.

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