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  1. They won't get rid of the ride, yes this accident is terrible for, the park, ride and ultimately the victims. But The Smiler is such a big investment for the park to simply decide to remove their, record holding ride when they can improve the system and put in precautions to prevent this from happening again. This incident is going to be remembered but it's not going to ruin the ride in the sense of people wanting to ride it. Look at mind bender at galaxy land, that killed three people and still runs. Hydro in oakwood launched a person which resulted in death, that's still running. Thunder mountain cali, killed a person, Thunder mountain Paris had scenery fall and injure 5 people, one seriously. All these rides still operate, now if The Smiler had a chain of events to the same level of this one then I could see them getting rid of it, but seeing that this is an isolated event (hopefully) it's hear to stay.
  2. What I got from that is, it's running but only three trains and one being bedded in, this correct ?
  3. Does it only use the cable to bring the catch car back to the start of the launch not actually launching the car, isn't that done by the Lim acting on the catch car
  4. I don't think it's cant more like don't want to. I can understand why, because here in the UK with planing permission and space being restrictive we can't have the huge rides seen in America. So anyone picking out things about smiler is going to get an argument from the enthusiast. To be honest yes it's looks like two rides bolted together but hey we just got a a unique, interactive, duelling, RECORD BEATING roller coaster, it could of been a buried Rage clone or SLC clone soooooo be happy I know I am about it and everyone has their own opinion if it ain't the same as yours so what.
  5. Talking about the stalling does anyone know if its operating again now ? Meant to be up there next week
  6. I think I get the point going on here. While its an achievement having a 14 inversion coaster, it's not if you have it with a major slow down and restart section in the middle. Anyone can do that, what's to stop the next park to have a 21 inversion coaster with a third lift and another 7+ inversions, If it was all one lift that would be impressive and have a Constant pacing.
  7. Don't know if its been mentioned before but has anyone noticed what appears to be brake fins on the second lift hill. Maybe a grizzy disney kind of lift drop, worlds first vertical reverse drop on a continuous circuit coaster.
  8. I think that Paris' thunder mountain has a brilliant ending, swooping turn into a tunnel then another tight turn followed by a plunge down under the lake back to mainland. The sense of speed is great with the train vibrating as it drops down, ending with the train flying up out of a tunnel onto the brakes.
  9. Well I thought it was time to get a new car, had to be cheap(ish) to insure and fun to drive, so I decided on the Fiat Panda 100HP, Alot of fun to drive, not lightning on the straights but when it comes to corners its pretty rapid. A Plus is its a fiat because thats who I work for, plus its from my garage so staff rates cant wait hehe. Sign for it monday ! Just like this
  10. To be honest its not fair to compare this to ispeed or katun, compare it to other water rides like tidal wave at thorpe or journey to alantis in orlandoor any shoot the chutes , yeah its not going to be as fun as the other rides in the park but there could of be alot less coaster going on with this one.
  11. Loving it so far , I like how you can see the rides progress in and smaller time scale for a name you could try Menoetius (men oh tee us) The Titan of anger, rash action, and human mortality. Plus im intrested what custom support set your using ?
  12. After some maths i figured out that if you payed how much we pay for our fuel it would cost you $8.18, per gallon.
  13. I personally dont find inferno as intense as nemesis, but one thing Inferno does do better is the zero G roll.
  14. To be honest I found Nemesis Inferno to be nothing special just a fun ride with a compact layout, it's a little forceful but not as far as intense. Nemesis on the other hand is a different story, the corkscrew into the death helix it's quite snappy, the helix itself is ├╝ber forceful but fun !, along with the scenery and theming its one intense ride. I always come off that feeling gigdy, in a good way though.
  15. ^^ GRRRRRRR You stole my inversion. oh well I'm not using it anymore anyway. Here's some Pictures.
  16. This seems quite fun I'll give it ago. It's been along time since I made a NL coaster
  17. I was bored and want to make a coaster so here it is " Big Air." I'm still working on it at the moment, but im having some 3d troubles
  18. This is looking to be very good, keep up the good work!
  19. Grrr you stole my snake dive inversion from my coaster, in the works .One note is that the supports on a coaster that high, in my opion would need more cross bracing. Looking at this x-coaster http://www.rcdb.com/3602.htm?p=25976 look how much cross bracing is used on a small coaster but then again it may be the forces it produces.
  20. ^ Yeah salt water is to complex for me but I thought goldfish were abit boring so tropical all the way. I'm liking Laser Snake Shark on Fire and Kraken also "paintballer" if i get a snail ill call it gary.
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