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  1. My guess is that the Steelers logo was removed from the Steel Curtain logo only for official S&S material. I doubt that they would also want to pay the Steelers/NFL a licensing fee if they wanted to use those animations for promotions. If you watch the new animations, the trains also lack the Steelers logo on the back of the car. Just my guess. I myself can not wait for Steel Curtain to open and can only hope it lives up to the hype and delivers a ride comparable in thrill to Phantom's Revenge.
  2. Definitely: Kennywood (Home Park) Knoebles (Second Home) Cedar Point Pretty Sure Busch Gardens Williamsburg Kings Dominion Dollywood Hersheypark Dorney Park Darian Lake (Now on the Six Flags Pass) Hopefully Carowinds Canada's Wonderland Kings Island
  3. The word search runs until July 16th. Expect the announcement and the winners being announced after then. My guess for the announcement will be July 21st. ACE KennyKon.
  4. Well, the 23rd is also Catholic Kennywood Day so may be a bit more crowded for a Monday. Needless to say they made a funny video to promote it. Saturday July 21's is ACE KennyKon with Ert on Thunderbolt in the morning and Phantom ERT after closing. Sunday the 22nd may be the slowest of the days, but keep an eye on weather.
  5. Check out what bands are there for Fall Fantasy. Some of the larger schools have busy days at the park.
  6. I wonder if they where celebrating Phantom's Revenge coming in 3rd in the USA Today poll, hence the "We're Celebrating" part of the post.
  7. I think it has to be related to Kennywood. Here is the wording used on the initial facebook post announcing Project 412: "Something big is coming to Kennywood in 2019!" 3, 14, 21, and 33 are all CoasterCons that Kennywood has hosted. Isn't it kind of odd that 44 is the next Con to have it's host park announced, and that it was delivered during CoasterCon? My theory is that is that CoasterCon 44 will be hosted in part by Kennywood.
  8. This should be fun to watch being built, though I wonder how low to the lagoon it would have to be for Skycoaster to clear over the track.
  9. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has posted an interesting artical on Kennywood's 2018 season. It also contains some images of the Log Jammer's former area. http://www.post-gazette.com/local/city/2018/04/24/Kennywood-120th-year-changes-afoot-Log-Jammer-Thomas-Town-Friends-train/stories/201804240164
  10. You know, with the newer...we'll call it Disney Style Vekoma track, I wonder if they have an updated suspended coaster up their sleeves that has not been announced yet. SLC2.0.
  11. At this point, the only manufactures I'm hoping it is not is Premier, Zamperla, or a cookie cutter S&S Freefly or El Loco. I can't wait to see just what exactly is behind that pile of dirt the next time I ride Racer.
  12. After doing some coaster nerd research on POVs, my dream ride for Kennywood would be ether one of the new Vekoma’s, a Mack Rides coaster, or possibly an Infinity Coaster similar to the Smiler. As for Steel Phantom, I think most have forgotten how rough it was. Revenge is 100x better.
  13. Hmm... Tyrannosaurus Rex=T-Rex Velociraptor=Raptor T-Rex and Raptor are both RMC products. Prius (Latin)= Coming Before; Primary; Prior RMC woodie confirmed? Prius as in Toyota Prius, as in a "Hybrid" vehicle, as in IBox track. So it's saying it's not these 3 RMCs... What's left is the Topper Track woodie style! Here is that slide. https://imgur.com/gallery/51hbl I’m pretty sure that it won’t be an RMC at this point.
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