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  1. December 26th, 1984 - December 29th, 1984. On the eve of December 26th, a massive storm system swept through the Sacramento region bringing torrential downpours and massive flooding. Rivercat's turn over the water was damaged beyond repair, when the water levels returned to a safe level, the turn was quickly removed. The park was planning on repairing the turn, but another round of storms raised water levels again... Since the park did not install a water pump system in the main pond, that area suffered many flooding. Many buildings were flooded and trees were ripped out. Lakeside Scatabout and Grand Carousel were the major victims, they were damaged heavily and are in the process of being removed. Luckily, Sky Wheel and Chute for the Skies were spared. January 14th, 1985. 16 Days after the storm, the park is finally cleaning up the mess. Grand Carousel is making its way out Same goes for Lakeside Scatabout Chute for the Skies and Sky Wheel have been repaired and cleaned up. Today is January 18th, 1985. The owner of the park filed for bankruptcy today, the park will be closing down for an unknown period of time. Good news out of this? There is already an interested buyer, we just don't know if he'll make a move on the park. See you next time. Maybe? ...
  2. Still loving the park grrt The ferris wheel makes a great addition to the skyline. Where can I download that? Lol
  3. Wow that was one of the best dark rides I have ever seen, the way the music and sound effects went along with the ride made it even more extraordinary Great work!
  4. Truly amazing work! The best non cs building I have ever seen, keep up the amazing work
  5. Thanks for the replies everyone! It was a tragic accident ***************************************************** It is the last week of the 1984 season, and it was a great one.... minus the Sasquatch accident. I had an overall pretty good day. Got my rides on everything I wanted... except Sasquatch August 11th, 1984. I decided to do my usual park run, which is to run over to Grizzly and slowly make my way over to Rivercat. I love it's airtime pop over the water I decided to pass on Stinger, it makes me sick, and walk on over to Sasquatch, it's sad seeing it closed down I decided to hit Skywheel, even though it terrifies me... I hit up Swashbuckler next, which is the best flat in the park, imo. And to conclude the day, here's the classic Rivercat shot with a new fountain! It really completes the ride now. One last look at Main Street, and it's goodbye to Riverfront for now And here is the 1984 park map And an aerial of Grizzly Well that concluded my covering of the 1984 season! Sadly, I can't make it to closing day in 6 days. But I will see you all next year! Goodbye.... for now
  6. Is that an Intamin I see? This is your definitely your best park, and I can't wait to see how the new coaster turns out .
  7. Thank you Thanks for the comment, and me too Thankk you very much *************************************************************** Disaster Strikes Local Sacramento Amusement Park!
  8. Wow great video! You did an amazing job with the mountain and the coasters, they are super realistic
  9. Very nice park! What do you use to edit your photos? They are amazing! Cant wait to see more
  10. Very cool looking park. Nothing to criticize. Can't wait to see where this one goes, keep it up
  11. Wow! Has it really been since September? I would like to apologize for the lack of updates, school and life got in the way. I would also like to thank everyone who has commented/criticized, it does mean a lot. Onto the update.... **************************************************************************** July 2nd, 1984. It is the 4th of July weekend and the park is booming! Attendance has gone up, as well as the temperature, and it was especially crowded today. 2 hour wait for Grizzly! It is well worth the wait though.... actually somewhat worth it. Grizzly is to thank for the major attendance boost. But Sasquatch still has the most forceful loop in the park. All hail Anton! After Sasquatch, I grabbed a quick snack at the Adventurer's Snack Bar. It was delish! After, I decided to check on Rivercat. It has seen a drastic decrease in ridership... To the point where they can run one train in the peak of the summer season, and only have a 20 min wait. It's sad really Some good new though: Riverfront was awarded the most beautiful park in Northern California! More next time!
  12. Thanks for the tip, I tried it and it does look better. And yeah they are hard to support, but they look great if you do them right! ****************************************************************************** June 14th, 1984 Today was a big day for Riverfront! The expansion was delayed about two weeks and today was the grand opening! I have a fairly large update for you guys, so I hope you enjoy the photos. As you enter the new area, Grizzly's lift looms over everything. After the lift and a quick turnaround, you plunge down a 100 ft drop! Through two loops. A quick turnaround, and finishes with two corkscrews! Grizzly has a great setting along a pond. This park just loves putting ponds next to their rides? We can't forget about Stinger! Also new for this year. The new restaurant was a big hit, their steaks are so good! My new favorite spot to eat. I started to hit other areas of the park, High Flyin Parachutes is still a park favorite. It offers a great view. Rivercat is no longer the best coaster in the park, imo Grizzly has taken that title away. It still looks beautiful flying along the hillside though. Swashbuckler still holds a big crowd, hard to believe this ride is already two years old? The park is really starting to get a skyline now. To end this update, one last shot of Grizzly. Thanks for reading! ********************************************************************************************** Comments please!
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