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  1. I actually had the opportunity to visit LA in October. Our trip planned all around Knott's, USH and SFMM. I would stay away from Universal. While yes, the mazes are great, the waits are outrageously long. We waited 2 hours for Walking Dead until we gave up (and we were still far away from the entrance of the maze). We were at the park from 7 until midnight, we tackled the Halloween and Insidious mazes, rode Jurassic Park and the Mummy before we decided to leave, the park was getting unbearably overcrowded. We visited Six Flags Magic Mountain for the first time ever (and on a Saturday) The park was a pleasant surprise, there were a few great mazes (Red's Revenge, Aftermath and Willoughby's Mansion) the rest were just okay. Overall it was a fun day. Knott's Berry/Scary Farm however was unforgettable. If you are ever in LA from September-October, i would *HIGHLY* recommend visiting the park both day and night. The separate tickets (for KBF & Haunt), the waits for the mazes and the crowds are worth it. There's no other experience like it.
  2. The Walking Dead Maze at Universal Studio's Hollywood Horror Nights. Initially an "80 minute wait" upon entering the line turned into 1 1/2 hours under the covered queue, followed by another hour to the overflow portion directly in front of the maze entrance followed by another projected hour long wait onto the second overflow portion behind the maze between sound stages. Truly frustrating.
  3. RCT3 usually. I'm a vulture when it comes to carnivals, they pop up often. Since i'm in the Houston area Kemah and Pleasure Pier are open year around so i'll usually make a trip once in a while.
  4. Thursday should be fine. We went last thursday without any sort of express/fast pass and the longest line we encountered was their Paranormal Investigators maze which was about 30 minutes. The majority were either 15 minute waits (Voodoo) or walk-ons (Forevermore, Toothfairy, Gunslinger's Grave)
  5. Hello all, I will be in the Los Angeles area October 7-12th. I'm planning on hitting up Knott's Berry Farm both for the park AND for Haunt. Does anyone have any tips for this visit? This is my very first time going for Haunt and i am aware that Knott's Berry Farm and the Haunt are two entirely different tickets. Any help works, thank you!
  6. Drop towers for me are such a pill. It's such a hard task to get myself into riding it because i absolutely hate the anticipation, wait and sudden launches & drops. I hate the idea of riding them but after riding them i'm usually stoked to go on again, but again the cycle then repeats itself.
  7. Both Superman and the Sky Screamer close 30 minutes ahead due to the Lone Star Nights.
  8. Question, I'm planning a visit to the park this upcoming (early) August on a Monday. What's the park usually like around this time of year and early on in the week? What are operations like and what could I expect?
  9. Hi guys, for whatever reason i lost a vital CFR file on my computer- Would you guys happen to have Advanced Ride's Dream Tower CFR?
  10. This is late and all but i just saw your 2001 park map and I absolutely love the park layout!
  11. I agree with the "big" parks but I would probably leave Six Flags Magic Mountain out of the mix if you're trying to rank these parks based on how well rounded they are. Ranking them all would be very difficult anyways. Six Flags over Texas, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Great America are probably shoe-ins. I would also like to push for Fiesta Texas and New England, but again it may be a push.
  12. ^ I'm actually really happy Fiesta Texas has stepped up their game when it comes to Fright Fest. Now let's wait and see if it's as good as it reads on their website!
  13. Spent my sunday at the park, and unfortunately Iron Rattler was closed the entire day. The park was somewhat busy but most lines were less than 20 minute waits. I'm not sure if it's just me being a little tense about SFOT's accident or what but there were alot of mistakes missed by ride ops and security. My first of several instances were at the security stations at the gate, my backpack wasn't even searched at all while a lady after me had her entire purse cleaned out. Also while waiting for Roadrunner Express none of the ride ops were checking lapbars and if they did it were only the first few cars. While waiting in line for Superman, i had to say something to a ride operating before they gave the all clear to dispatch a train because someone was still holding their waterbottle even after having their harness checked. Now like i said before, i may be a little tense after friday's accident, but should we be worried at all that many precautions were skipped? Aside from that the park was running pretty efficiently and smoothly. Short wait times and the weather wasn't too bad!
  14. The Pleasure Pier is definitely worth every penny. Plan to hit some rides early afternoon then take a stroll and have lunch along the seawall and the beach. Finally finish off your night with more rides at the Pier. I loved how the security guards greeted us as we walked into the pier over and over and over again throughout the day.
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