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  1. I literally JUST POSTED a whole rant about people being rude and obnoxious and you go and post this. As much as I'm sure you are all aware we support the LGBTQ community this is NOT the appropriate place to bring up whatever issues you have. Take your drama someplace else. We don't need to hear it. After this response I’m a-ok with this being my last post here...eat a dick sir...
  2. Come for the rides, stay for the human rights violations...as an openly gay male it sucks to know that I could be jailed for holding my partners hand while attending this park. But cool renderings, I guess...
  3. Anyone else heard that Motocoaster is being moved from its current spot? Heard from a friend at the park that they’re currently trying to move it because it’s on a separate power grid than the rest of the park and has been causing issues it’s power outages in the campground area.
  4. At the park today...Corn Popper is running! Also, looks like maintenance is doing something on Pirate. There's been two maintenance workers down there at the control panel for the last hour or so. Haven't seen the ride move though.
  5. Does anyone know if the park is offering any after 4PM discounts this year? Or where discount tickets can be purchased in the WNY area?
  6. Any idea how busy the park will be on Memorial Day (5/27) considering Ontario schools are still in session and its not a Canadian holiday? Have dinner reservations at 5pm and was hoping to be able to hit most of the major rides between 10am-3pm.
  7. Yes, they’re going to put a park in BUFFALO NEW YORK over Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, San Antonio, Phoenix, Houston, Atlanta, Washington D.C. I don’t see why DL would be “high tier” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk While I agree, SFDL, by sq ft, is now the largest park in the chain. Also, the only park with an on-site hotel and campground. They have a Live Nation, 24,000 capacity, amphitheater that regularly attracts some of the largest acts in music. If you’re taking population into account, remember that about 50% of attendees at SFDL come from the Toron
  8. Couldn’t care less about Disney or Star Wars but this looks breathtaking...really cool how from the pics it seems like you’re in a separate park and not just a “land” within a larger park. Very immersive!
  9. Insider hack...LiveNation is running their $20 all-in concert ticket deal this week (thru 5/7) and it includes all shows at Darien Lake this summer. For $20 (taxes included) you get a lawn ticket to the concert, and all tickets come with free same day admission to the park. Even if you have no intention on going to the concert you can just use the concert ticket as a way for you to get admission to the park for $20 instead of the gate price of $37. Here's a list of the shows this summer... May 24 - Chris Young May 29 - The 1975 June 15 - Zac Brown Band July 7 - Kidz Bop July 19
  10. They announced a few new shows today... August 10 The Smashing Pumpkins w/ Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds and AFI August 25 Slipknot w/Volbeat and Gojira
  11. Are they doing the free admission with a concert ticket deal again this year? I honestly wish they never did that deal. Makes the park basically impossible to visit for people who just want to go to the park, and not a concert. I went to DL the day of the Post Malone concert, mainly for Tantrum’s opening weekend, and the park was so crowded to the point where you couldn’t even move. I had to park in the grass concert lot wayyyy in the back, because the whole lot was full (should have been a sign to just leave). I did Tantrum after an hour wait and left. RoS had a multi-hour wait, due to the ri
  12. Bunch of new shows announced in the past few weeks, DL easily has the best entertainment lineup of any park in North America (too bad more people dont take advatantage of the free park admission with a concert ticket) as of today the 2019 concert lineup is as follows: May 24 - Chris Young 29 - The 1975 June 15 - Zac Brown July 7 - Kidz Bop 26 - Heart/Joan Jett August 4 - Breaking Benjamin/Chevelle 13 - Beck/Cage The Elephant/Spoon 16 - Santana/Double Brothers 23 - Kiss Dates TBA Slipknot Korn/Alice in Chains Thomas Rhett Dierks Bentley Florida Georgia Line Ra
  13. There's been talk that Live Nation is in talks with Darien about potential upgrades to the performing arts center for 2020. Over the past few years some tours have been skipping Darien in favor of CMAC in Rochester and Lakeview in Syracuse. Some of the rumored upgrades that have were mentioned at the Town of Darien Planning Board meeting included: - Full renovation of backstage and green room areas. - Increasing venue capacity from 24K to 28K with additional lawn seating. - Renovated entrance plaza at the non-park entrance. - Removing the "tent" structure and replacing with a perman
  14. Had the chance to check out Fright Fest on Saturday night. We ended up getting to the park at about 7 pm...here's a few quick highlights: - The lighting/fog in the park is really great. The area back by Viper/Bumper cars held the fog really well and made it quite creepy. - Of the 3 haunts, Camp Scumshine is probably the best, had 2-3 legitimate scares in there. Hotel Terror is the longest (10 mins) haunt and most immersive, some good scares in there, but the line was quite long. Jungle Apocalypse was on the shorter side but they packed it with probably 10-12 scare actors. - The ou
  15. Yes, they shouldve done a better job dispersing them. If you were back by SV you could either wait 30min for chicken tenders or walk through the crowds to the front of the park and wait 15mins.
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