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Best and Lamest Coaster "Ending"

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My favorite coaster endings?


Goldrusher at SFMM - especially at night, it just feels so out of control, and then you fly up into the brake run.


Space Mountain (DLR) - I've always liked the tight, fast turns at the end, but the new "wacky light tunnel of blindness" takes it to another level.


Magnum XL-200 - Absolutely insane, vicious, knee busting good fun right into the brakes.


Least favorites?


California Screamin' (DCA) - Let's do a bland helix (with the most retarded photo spot since Knott's second shot at the Log Ride), and end by SLAMMING to a stop (whoops - maybe there shouldn't have been another train in that brake zone)


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (DLR) - Even Tony Baxter has admitted that the ending for this ride is all about the aesthetics...

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I like the ending to S:ROS @ SFDL.... that S shaped dive and the airtime on the hills are amazing.. Oh and Magnums ending gave some good airtime.. and I was ejecting so bad that I was hurting my knees... but i loved it..


Raptors ending makes me want to cry, because the coaster is so good and then the brakes ruin it all..


Raptor has to stop sometime. How else do you get people on and off? lol

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*Beast for the helix of doom

*Cyclops for uber-floater air hill #2 (#1 was going down the lift hill)

*StormRunner for the insane uphill trick-trackish element

*M-force for the overbank (and flying into the breaks at such a high speed)


*AE..need I say it?

*Vortex because the helix doesnt do the ride justice

*Great Bear for the lame s-bend...

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Good Question.


Best Steel: Flight of Fear- Flying at the bottom of the building and then whipping through the corkscrew is crazy.


Best Wood: Shivering Timbers- The helix right before the brakes really pins you against the side of those trains. Simply awesome in the front seat.


Worst Overall: Adventure Express- It doesn't get much dumber than that. I still enjoy the ride though.

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I've noticed how many people have mentioned Raptor's "car-accident-like" final brakes, but that is actually what I liked about it. If a coaster ends, and I felt like I just got kicked in the ass, this usually indicates a sweet time (or it could simply mean you just endured a Vekoma or TOGO crapsterpiece). Masochistic of me? No way...

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I would say that Hurricane (MBP) other than being a really rough ride, has a good ending, going around that small and fast double helix.


I think Borg also has a good ending, with the corkscrews instead of rolls.


As for bad endings lets see...

There aren't any coasters Ive ridden with a bad ending but Top Gun at Carowinds' Corkscrew (which is taken fairly fast) and then it goes right into the helix (which is taken slow) I don't understand that, but oh well, its still a great ride.


300th post!

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My favorite endings are on

Batman the Ride, Fast corkscrew and fast turn!

Ghostrider, the helix at the end is insane!

Goldrusher, Save the ground hugging helix for last.

Space Mtn, Love the fast ending with the cool tunnel.

My least favorite endings are on

Ninja, Yippe! Oh wait its just the station.

X, Why does a ride with a really good first first half have to have a sucky ending?

Flashback, Its evil, painful and sucks SO MUCH, like the rest of the ride!

Kevin"I HATE FLASHBACK!!!!! "Bujold

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Great topic!


Bad endings:


I'd have to agree with the general consensus about Ninja (SFMM) and Adventure Express. They are pretty bad, yet both are OK rides. Why didn't they go with seperate load/unload stations. (ala Rock-n-Rollercoaster.)


Decent endings:


The Beast's helix

The tight helix on Shivering Timbers

J2 (Tsunami) and it's cousin Avalanche. Both are sooooooo wrong, it's just cool


As far as best IMO:




Big Thunder at Disneyland Paris (That tunnel and pop into the light is so good!)

Colossus at Thorpe (Good call Derek!)




The Texas Giant's final "magic carpet" ride is too awesome for words!! (Granted, I did ride it during an ERT session in the light rain)


The Ozark Wildcat is a very close second to the TG. Probably better on an average day.




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You have listed som great good endings, I would include:

Bandit at Yomiuri, like T-bolt gets faster and faster until the end.

Kumba, very intense final helix



Thunder Dolphin, after the annoying tricktrack, drops 3-4 stories at nearly 55 mph into the brake run, what a waste!


I have to agree that putting the lift hill at the end is so anticlimactic, but at least the one on Ninja makes sense. Is the arrangement on Adventure Express similar?


Chris B

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LOL.. Derek, I agree with you completely with Storm Runners "RCT Autocomplete back to station ending" that definately describes it... so much bunny hop potential if they were willing to make it longer.


Missed one-- For good, whoever said SFDL's S:ROS is right. I've been on the SFA Superman and the bunny hop s curve thing and final two are amazing into the brakes. Plus hoping the brakes stop you is fun too.



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Best endings:


X, the insane wild flip is awesome!!


Balder, the last 3 humps are the best part of the ride (after the first drop ofcourse)


Desperado, awesome helix extremely close to the walls of the tunnel


Kanonen, a slow heart-line roll


Viper, awesome double-corkscrew


Revenge of the Mummy: backwards airtime humps and lots of smoke


Worst endings:


Ninja, lift-hill


Riddler's Revenge, after the first flatspin, the rest is boring (but everything before that is really good!!)


can't think of anything else right now but I'm sure there's a lot more



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My favorites:


HW Legend: the four corners of death!

Raven: scream like heck through the trees

Flight of Fear: the last corkscrew is a nice "gotcha"

PKI Vortex: I love the boomerang and how it nearly kisses that retaining wall (the final helix is just an afterthought though)




Not so much:


Son of Beast: the big drops, rose bowl, and loop are at least ambitious. The ending is just not very fast, forceful, or memorable.


PKI Racer: I really loved the final dip, too bad it had to go.

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Any of the S:RoSs. Nothing like insane airtime.

Space Mountain DL. I love rides that get faster and faster as you approach the end, and the new backwards tunnel effect is great.

Goliath SFMM. Can you say HELIX OF DOOOOOM?

Lightning Racer. Did we win?



Big Thunder Mountain Railroad DL. The whole section after the last lift is a snore-fest. Two false drops and a surprisingly slow dip through the dinosaur. The ride would probably be better if the whole last segment was removed.

Roar SFA. After a fairly smooth ride, the final turn into the brakes is mind numbingly, bone crushingly rough. Ouch.

Viper SFMM. The ride comes to what should be a brake run, but isn't, and then dips under the station to the actual brake run. It's the kind of thing I'd do in RollerCoaster Tycoon when I can't fit in the turn into the station and I'm too lazy to fix the rest of the ride.

Volcano PKD: The biggest drop on the ride goes directly into the brakes? What a waste.

Edited by ahecht
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Best ending for me -Phantom's Revenge - can't think of a worst ending as I'm usually thinking of boring /dullest from the outset, such as the cat's meow thing at SF Kentucky, whatever it's called (I'm sure there is a cat connection -)


This topic could be a poll as well - trouble is I don't know how the hell you set the thing up


Steve- leave the cat's meow with the cat- C


PS - just thought - is it the Wildcat (it came to mind because it is so inappropriate)


PPS - it might not even be at Kentucky - I'm thinking of the thing that is based at (what was?) the SF head office park which was not Kentucky Kingdom (there was too much other crap there) - you guys know where I mean?

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With the exception of the brakes, I love the ending on Lisebergbanan. It has a really good airtime hill followed by a crazy helix. It has airtime and laterals at the same time entering the helix, and the middle part of it has some excellent positive G-forces


I also love the final helixes on Superman la Attracion de Acero. Theres nothing like flying just a few feet from the ground at high speed. Batman la Fuga (BTR-clone) also has a fantastic ending with the flatspins and the tight turns.


The 'worst-ending' award goes to Magnus Colossus. Pretty much the entire ride sucks, but at the end it goes through a HUGE helix with a very unimpressive speed.

Edited by viking86
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Raptor's final turn into the final brakes baffled me before I was even an enthusiast. It's like Claude and Walter ran out of room and had to do something just to get it to fit, like hitting the AutoComplete button on the old Coaster PC game that was made by Disney.


Raptor's ending goes from awesome!!!! to oh crap! within a few seconds.


Best endings:

New Mexico Rattler-flies into the brake run after a helix and airtime hills.

Apollo's Chariot-that awesome dip into the trench

Big Bad Wolf's dive along the river

Phoenix (obvious)

Phantom's Revenge (obvious)

Mindbender- The helix-dive, loop, tunnel


Everyone else has pretty much covered the crappy ones, although I'll throw in SUF at SFoG. In the back seat, you feel the brakes before you even complete the in-line twist.

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Best: I guess out of the coasters I have been on I would say S:ROS@Darien Lake or Vampire at La Ronde


Worst: Italian Job: Stunt Track! The ending is pretty sweet with the tunnel and the dive under the bridge, but then instead of a high to moderate g turn, the trains get trimmed to all hell!! They crawl back soooo slow onto the final brakes.

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Best Ending:

Holiday World's The Legend

Tight, high-bank 180 with a little air pop going into the head-snapping brakerun.


Worst Ending:

Blackpool's Big One

It's so-o-o-o-o slo-o-o-o-ow that you actually feel like you might fall out of it's helix for lack of G forces.

Real shame is that the first half of the ride is very good.

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