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Best and Lamest Coaster "Ending"

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My Best Endings:


Phantom's Revenge (KP): Awesome ending, because of the rapid-fire bunny-hops at high speed just before the brakes/loading station.

Mantis (CP): The endind is so twisted and crazy fun!

Millennium Force (CP): The ending is great, after the last drop, you speed through the supports, in a tunnel...a sleek & swift pass by of the station and the great over-bank turn right into the brakes.

Thunder Bolt (KP): Because of the last drop leading to the brakes...a heart-stopper!

Hydra: The Revenge (DP): can't explain, too good an ending!

Raging Bull: The ending is wicked!

Dominator (Batman Knight Flight) (GL): Great ending, very low to the ground and smooth turns.


My Worst Endings:


Son of Beast (PKI): The whole ride is basiclly a migraine, nuff said.

Corkscrew (CP): Boring....

Double Loop (PKI): Boring too...

Apollo's Chariot (BGW): This coaster was good at the beginning, but lost it's funness at the end to me.

Great Bear (HP): Again, great ride, poopy ending.

Flight of Fear (PKI & PKD): A bit rough towards the ending.

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X, extremely wild

Balder, sick airtime

Viper, awesome doublecorkscrew

Colossus, 4 slow heartline-rolls in a row

Desperado, goes VERY close to the walls in the tunnel

Kanonen, slow roll

Tornado, underground heartline-roll



Scream, the interlocking corkscrews are pretty boring, but everything before that is awesome!

Xcelerator, no forces on the overbanks, but the launch and top-hat totally makes up for it!!

Ninja, lifthill

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  • 6 months later...

Few more...




Colossus @ SFNE... blah ending to a blah ride.

Arrow Corkscrew... Please put in a little dip.

Goliath @ SFMM... The centrifuge is awesome, but the part after is boring

TTD... The brake run is boring




SROS @ SFNE: Tunnel, ejector air, ejector air, turn, way-too-small brakerun

GeForce @ Holiday Park: 5 airtime hills!

Yankee Cannonball: Boring drop, boring turn, boring turnaround, but WOW does it pick up speed! I spent half the time in the air or bashing into my friend. (ALWAYS ride on the left.)

Montu when untrimmed... 'nuff said.

SLCs: The twisty bit before the brakes is awesome.

Black Mamba

Klotti Coaster




Ninja @ SFMM

Thunder Dolphin

The Abnormal Boomerang



Manhattan Express

Fujiyama: the "trick-track-on-steroids" bit is weird

Any coaster with an ending lift



I also think coasters that have a helix just for the sake of having a helix (i.e. a helix with steady descent/ascent and a steady turn radius) are screwed up.

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Seeing from my Coaster Count... this is an easy one.


I'd have to say Tatsu. Alone, the ending isn't bad at all. Why didn't I like the ending?


Because I didn't think it was over yet. I had no idea what Tatsu's layout was like, or how long it was. My friend told me that it was 3 and 1/2 minutes long... big overstatement. We went into the brakes and I'm like "wiiiii midcourse brake run" and then we just stop and I'm like "WHAT?!"... so yeah, it was just the fact that I was expecting it to continue that made it disappointing. Also, I didn't know it was the end because I couldn't see the track in front of us (you're facing the ground on Tatsu)... Oh well. Tatsu still rocks!

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^Hey, there are people who have never been on a coaster, and you went on an amazing one! Don't be sad about your count, cause it is virtually irrelevant. It's the love of coasters that makes the people on these sites. Not how many they've been on.


Best ending: Space Mountain DL. I love all of the twisting that's low to the ground and "fast"


Worst ending: Big Thunder DL. The whole segment after the third lift is so pointless. There could've been so much more...

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^ Awesome looking forward to going back to DLR for the first time in over a decade in a few weeks My coaster count is only 19, but hopefully we take my first coaster trip to SFMW and PGA this summer. I'm going to say Ninja, one of the first times i rode it i remember i saw a special on coasters(i think it was the travel channel) and they showed Big bad wolf and how it had two lifts, so i thought the same thing would happen on Ninja and then it's like wtf?

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Coaster expert, I found the end surprisungly good on Apollo. Its strange how much air you get at the end when it feels like it will get less.

That was my best


My worst is an Arrow Corkscrew. Such a pointless long turn. Put in a dip or something!

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Best: This one is VERY easy. The final turn on the Schwarzkopf Looping Stars. It begins with a long, straight track with prebanking, followed by a turn with good positive G-forces and right before the turn ends it unbanks very quickly, throwing all the passengers to the side of their seat. Its totally awesome!


These pictures really shows the awesomeness of that turn:






Another coaster with an awesome ending is Wild Train @ Erlebnisspark Strasswalchen. How many coasters actually has airtime AND laterak G-forces entering the station??!!



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Rollercoaster - Gt Yarmouth Pleasure Beach, if the brake man didn't put the brakes on you woulf get loads of airtime on the last 2 bunny hops, but no, they put the brakes on real hard and you just crwl over them.




Big Thunder Mountain DLP, no need to explain, Nrthwnd got it in one(page 7)


Space Mountain M2, DLP: that twisted light tunnle followed by the ring of smoke with the flashing lights.


Wild Mouse, Blackpool PB, mega airtime where the track just seems to disapear beneath you!



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Viper at SFGAm has a great ending. It's just effective enough to make you go flying forwards, but the ride ends at just the right moment - when you've had a good amount of airtime and headchoppers.


Python's ending at BGA sucks... this is because the ride isn't long enough by far. You go up, down, around, upside-down twice, turn, and the ride is over.

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Worst: Adventure Express at PKI. Ending with a lift hill just sucks, especially since they give you the impression that the ride isn't over yet!


Best: The Voyage at Holiday World. From the mid-course brakes until the end of the ride, it just doesn't let up!

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Worst: Raptor's last 2 feet, Great Bear, Alpengeist, Nitro (overtrimmed)

Best: GADV Mine Train, Big Bad Wolf, SLCs (yay! its over), MF (the breeze it generates feels good in line), Dominator

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Best ending would have to be Oblivion. I mean, that vertical drop right before the brakes! Wow! (That was a lie; I have never been on Oblivion.)


Worst ending would have to be a tie between The Village and Rockin Roller Coaster. Both left me expecting a little more. You get to the concert? With all that driving, I'd at least like to get somewhere cool; I'm pretty sure we at least took a wrong turn at Albequerque.

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Timberhawk: Ride of Prey (EV), The little random hidden drop before the brake run was great, nice airtime.


Any S:UF Clone, I'm sorry, but that inline twist is freaking amazing


Iron Dragon: The twisty part over the water is so much fun


Raptor: Pure Fun


Mantis: Twissssty




MF: So much speed, make the ride longer!


Hades: Once again, there was lot's of speed left, USE IT. Also, the helix at the end was just pointless, and boring.


Superman: Ride of Steel (SFA): Yeah the ride is just pointless, airtime filled none the less, but the entire layout is just....boring.

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The ending for BTMRR at DL is pretty anti climactic. You go up the lift hill with the earthquake and then you go down some kinda X dip, then you turn and go up this ramp thing and then you go down and up into the brakes. Even Tony Baxter admitted that the ending sucks.

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