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  1. A paved, noncar bashing parking lot would be nice too.
  2. It is definatly not an S&S tower! Its ARM tower is so much more fun than an S&S.
  3. It is basically following the edge of the pond, behind the water park and minebuster. http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=43.838025,-79.541177&spn=0.00455,0.011694&t=h&z=17
  4. Do you have any more pictures of Upper Clements woodie?
  5. If a concrete factory were built next to my house, I wouldn't sit there like a duck frozen in ice until it is completly built and operating to start to complain.
  6. This report kind of makes me glad that I didn't make any effort to go this year. The Ex seemed so much more impressive as a kid than it does now.. Just a little off topic, but what the hell is this that I have been reading about the Ontario Place maze being butchered??
  7. I'm really just pissin in the wind with this one, but maybe the new trains are a bit slimmer to help stop any vibrations at those speeds that have been felt on the other b&m hypers?
  8. I agree, and Nikki and I have already pledged to do just that. Just think of all theming possibilities...
  9. Eh, if you think the other Goliath's are boring, I wouldn't get your hopes up for this one. Heck, you might as well save all of us a couple minutes of queue time and just not get in line.
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