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  1. A paved, noncar bashing parking lot would be nice too.
  2. It is definatly not an S&S tower! Its ARM tower is so much more fun than an S&S.
  3. It is basically following the edge of the pond, behind the water park and minebuster. http://maps.google.com/?ie=UTF8&ll=43.838025,-79.541177&spn=0.00455,0.011694&t=h&z=17
  4. Do you have any more pictures of Upper Clements woodie?
  5. If a concrete factory were built next to my house, I wouldn't sit there like a duck frozen in ice until it is completly built and operating to start to complain.
  6. This report kind of makes me glad that I didn't make any effort to go this year. The Ex seemed so much more impressive as a kid than it does now.. Just a little off topic, but what the hell is this that I have been reading about the Ontario Place maze being butchered??
  7. I'm really just pissin in the wind with this one, but maybe the new trains are a bit slimmer to help stop any vibrations at those speeds that have been felt on the other b&m hypers?
  8. I agree, and Nikki and I have already pledged to do just that. Just think of all theming possibilities...
  9. Eh, if you think the other Goliath's are boring, I wouldn't get your hopes up for this one. Heck, you might as well save all of us a couple minutes of queue time and just not get in line.
  10. 20 hours left omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgom2!!!OMTOTMOTMT!!!@#
  11. They are there to mess with your brain. And from the sounds of it, they are doing a pretty good job.
  12. Its also pretty hard to film a roller coaster that isn't built yet.
  13. I would also say that IOA is a great park. Crowds are seasonal, so it just depends on when you go. Just keep in mind that if there aren't any crowds when you go, you might get bored after a few hours. I would also ignore any comments about Disney being for just kids. Adults can definitely have fun there too.
  14. I agree!!! That was my favourite ride in the park until they ripped it out for Top Gun Revenge of Zumba Flume!! Amen!
  15. Bring back Zumba Flume! Whatever this is, it is already guaranteed to have 3 hours lines.
  16. Crap, just read through this entire TR. GReat TR!The woodies look excelllllent
  17. Great pictures so far. Can't wait to see Beech Bend and Indiana Beach's.
  18. This year sure has been an interesting year for wood coaster construction. Lots of snow building Renegade, Troy's lift collapses and now this one has some mysterious problems.
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